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Beef and 3 beans stew

Discussion in 'Food Forum' started by noway, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. Here's a slow crock pot beef stew meal.

    beef neckbone or oxtails
    3 medium sized beans ( pinto, roman,etc...)
    1-3 habanero
    1 medium white onion
    1 bunch of baby carrots
    2 garlic cloves crushed and peeled

    Take beef neckbone and clean the meat with lime juices, lightly smoke or grill over a low fire.

    Add beef along with beans into crock pot on low heat,

    Smash garlic and habaneros

    Add onions and carrots halfway thru the cooking,.

    Cook on low for at least 8 hours or until the beef seperate from bone and the beans are soft to touch.

    Wash down with a nice pilsner beer ( Presidente in this serving )

  2. tavo


    Jul 21, 2000
    That's a beautiful plate. Mrs. Tavo likes the bean mix.

  3. I'm no Emeril Lagasse nor am I a real math wiz, But that looks like a whole lot more than 3 beans on that plate.

    What's the actual measurement for the beans?

    Do you have to soak them overnight before adding them to the crock pot?

    It looks like a great meal and the wife loves cooking in the crock pot when we both have to work.
  4. Actually the beans are pinto, white and cranberry cargamanto beans. The white stuff is not beans but maize and peas. I guess I could have called it beef stew with 3 beans and other stuff ;)

    I love the columbiano cargamanto and pintos so I use these most of the time. They are easily obtainable locally and you can get creative using kidney and black turtle beans to replace one of the above beans.

    To answer your question, you clean and wash the beans, clean out the rocks and other stuff ( if you look in the photo you will see some of this in the plastic container ) you can soak them in cold water over night before throwing them into the crock pot.

    What I did here since I had alittle maize left over from a feast back a few weeks, I used this extra to stretch my beans out.

    the key to this meal is combo of the meats, garlic, pepper (use at your discretion ) and the meat. You can subsitute neckbone with oxtails or lower leg. I 've also done the same with coarse cut moose neck meat that somebody gave me and man it was good. I've also used horse once and it was great also , and no not the horse in my avatar ;)

    I choose neckbone due to cost per lb is very cheap ( under $1.70/lb iirc )
  5. filthy infidel

    filthy infidel 100% Infidel

    Apr 24, 2007
    North Carolina
    Rocks in the beans?

    I've stored up beans and rice. Beans are canned but I have dozens of the 'twelve' or 'fifteen bean' soup in plastic bags. Rice is a few varieties in varying quantities.

    I cook rice with boullion cubes, season liberally with Franks (keep half a dozen big bottles on hand).

    What are some easy recipes for beans and rice if we should be stuck eating the stuff for a length of time?

    Some seasonings that my family like are:

    Frank's Red Hot
    Chicken Boullion, light salt
    Chicken/beef stew

  6. Any of those ingredients would work fine. As far as receipe, you know what you like, so experiment. You could do a pot of those with alot of various means and then customize once you get an ideal of what you want to obtain.

    btw I never have liked beans in a can.
  7. Slotback

    Slotback Glock 35 Millennium Member

    Dec 23, 1998
    Man that sounds pretty doggone tasty noway. I'll have to show this recipe to Mrs. Slotback.