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  1. Here's some info about bears that would help our defense against them. We need to understand the bear threat, their weak points, then decide what is adequate to defend ourselves against them.

    More comments can be found at

    How quickly it can happen

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  4. That is scary stuff. I can't imagine anything that would be more of an adrenaline rush. I got chills just watching it.
  5. I told my 10 yrs old nephew that Alaskan brown bears seem to attack people from the lower 48 than those who live in Alaska.

    He said that's because people in the lower 48 take showers and baths more often. They are less likely to have excessive body odors, and not noticed by bears. Bears are more likely to be surprised by their unexpected presence. On the other hand, bears can tell exactly where rural Alaskans are, and rural Alaskans can never surprise a bear....

    Kinda make sense... Tough to get warm water when you're living alone out in the cold territory.

    I'd keep this in mind when trolling the woods. :)
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    Troll alright. Idiot too. You really think we don't have running water, electricity, and natural gas up here? Come on up. We'll see who gets eaten.
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    I would tend to think that the bears would attack people from the lower 48 more because of all the smells they do have. Every time i come out of the woods after a week or so and smell a bar of soap or anti-perspirant, or shaving cream, etc.,... it's positively obnoxious!
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    I agree, in fact I was told that by a Ranger or someone while in either the Tetons or Yosemite. I was told to be careful what smelly stuff we leave in our tents, and even be careful to put our packs in the tents since they have been stuffed with food and likely smell like it. Bears have torn open tents in the middle of the night just for a tube of toothpaste or deodorant. Also, they say that sometimes a woman "at that time of the month" can attract bears.

    BTW, Tazz, I just got an Agrip recently, and I love it! Great product. I've heard some people say the material wears off, but mine seems to be great as long as you take care of it. As long as I brush it with a nylon brush every time I clean my gun (like the instructions say), it seems to come right back to new.
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    21 carrier, you'll be glad to know I am now a Glock owner. It's not a 10 though, but a 9mm model 17. Early Gen 2. Got too good of a deal to pass up.
    And you are correct about the smells and the monthly thing. Common knowledge up here.
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    How do you like the Glock so far? Have you gotten a chance to shoot it? They aren't really that great at first. It takes a while to really appreciate them. It's only when you get to like 1,000 rounds, and realize, "You know, I've never had a jam or ANYTHING with this gun, and it runs with crap all in and over it". That's usually the point that they really grow on you. And, the manual of arms is just so nice and simple: point, pull trigger, boom. It's like the simplicity and reliability of a revolver (arguably), but with more rounds.
  11. That depends on the bear's taste. Exotic foods, that would be me. Just garden variety Alaskan food, that would be... :rofl::rofl:

    Just kidding, man.

    Seriously, you should be posting pictures of your outback and your kills. Perhaps, start building guest rooms ! Some of us may come to visit. May be a 10-Ring Conference chez Ross. You'd be making money. Post pictures, man.
  12. Make sure your pistol has had all its edges, sights, etc. rounded and smoothed. That way it will be less painful when the Dr. tries to pull it out of where the bear stuck it after you annoyed it.
  13. The National Park Rangers are advising hikers in Glacier National Park and other Rocky Mountain parks to be alert for bears and take extra precautions to avoid an encounter.
    They advise park visitors to wear little bells on their clothes so they make noise when hiking. The bell noise allows bears to hear them coming from a distance and not be startled by a hiker accidentally sneaking up on them. This might cause a bear to charge.
    Visitors should also carry a pepper spray can just in case a bear is encountered. Spraying the pepper into the air will irritate the bear's sensitive nose and it will run away.
    It is also a good idea to keep an eye out for fresh bear scat so you have an idea if bears are in the area. People should be able to recognize the difference between black bear and grizzly bear scat.
    Black bear droppings are smaller and often contain berries, leaves, and possibly bits of fur. Grizzly bear droppings tend to contain small bells and smell of pepper.
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    Well, obviously, the newbie folk on the 10Ring have attitudinal issues ... :whistling:

    Not a problem.

    We'll just look to a wholistic solution to "bearing" it out up in AK ... :rofl:


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    That's crazy! I LITERALLY JUST finished watching the movie Aliens, which is where they sourced that quote, "Nuke it from orbit. It's the only way to be sure." It just ended about 30 minutes ago. That's funny.
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    I lost a bunch of my pics when my last computer crashed. I've only had the digital camera a couple of years. Need to get a scanner for some of the film pics. I'll post up a pic of my remote cabin for you. It's 5 miles off the road system. O.K, I've tried to post the pic and it's not coming up.
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    Don't know why I can't get my cabin pics to post in this thread. I added them to my albums. Go have a look there.
  18. Didn't see any anti-bear toy picture.

    BassPro shop has an infra-red triggered cam that you can tie to a tree and it would snap pictures on anything warm moving. That would be interesting on your property.

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