Bear hunting in two weeks...

Discussion in 'Hunting, Fishing & Camping' started by Tvov, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. Tvov

    Can't wait. Heading to Vermont again for black bear season. We have two spots picked out where we are going to setup opening weekend... found fresh tracks multiple times, in good wooded area.

    Hoping for the best!

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  3. Good luck, let us know how it goes. If so interested how about studying up to use a 'predator call', sparingly. It won't scare a bear away, may lure one in, & may entice a coyote too.

    Just an idea, we use bait or dogs here in the upper Midwest. I don't think that is allowed over there.

  4. bustedknee

    bustedknee Curmudgeon

    My cousin went up there one year but came right back, empty-handed, without hunting.

    He saw a sign that said "Bear Left for Canada"
  5. Tvov

    Nope, in Vermont no bait. Dogs need a special permit.

    We are thinking about a call... I have the ubiquitous "mouse call" (dog toy squeaker basically, lol), and I bought my son a basic Fox electronic handheld caller just to try it out. We might bring them along.

    If we get one (or two), you know I'll be making noise!
  6. Tvov

    Ba da bump, tish... lol!

    (for better or worse, it actually took me moment to get it... :) )
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  7. bustedknee

    bustedknee Curmudgeon

    I lived in Alaska for 35 years and have called Black Bears.

    The big difference I have found between bears and say...coyotes is,

    squeak a time or two then watch and wait for the coyote to come sneaking in.

    Squall for a blackie then keep squalling. If you stop squalling, he stops coming in.

    It worked best for me to spot the bear then hide and call to bring him down off the mountain. They come in fairly direct.


    This guy came in running. See the inquisitive look on his face? Haha
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  8. Tvov

    Thanks for the tips, bustedknee. I think for the first trip out we'll just be sitting and waiting. As the season goes on (2 1/2 month season in Vermont), we'll probably try calling for bears. Coyote season in Vermont is unlimited, so if one comes in to calling we can take it.
  9. Never hunted bare, it's too cold during hunting season!
  10. paynter2

    paynter2 It ain't over
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    Hunt Wisconsin! I see where one NW WI county is pushing the DNR for more bear permits - too many incidence of human/bear contact.

    Burnett County - or as we referred to it, while growing up, Burnout County.

    They get some big critters in those parts - 500-600# plus are not unheard of.
  11. Yes, WI(and MI) are good choices, one needs to plan ahead though. It can take 8 yrs or more for a Non-resident to get a permit. That's a choice 1st season tag. It's doable, one just needs to apply every year to build up points.
  12. Tvov

    Well, we're back! Two days early, and not for a good reason... no bear :(. We got rained out.

    Sunday morning, we left the cabin at 4:30am and got setup in one of our spots by 5:00am. Shooting time started at 5:45am. Turned out to be a beautiful morning, few if any mosquitos showed up (we were prepared to be swarmed). A humming bird almost landed on me and gave me quite the jolt. Around 10 or 11am after seeing no bear we talked about heading to another spot, but decided to stick it out for the day to see if the afternoon would have any visitors. Nope... by 2:45pm we decided to head in for the day. By the time we got to the cabin, it POURED! Good timing on walking back.

    And it rained all night. Last night we had a rather incredible thunderstorm... the cabin being on a mountain, I think we were in the middle of the thunderstorm. This morning the rain let up to a light drizzle. As we discussed whether to go home or stay (we kinda really didn't want to hunt in hard rain...), the next thunderstorm moved in. That decided us... we packed up the truck in hard rain and came home.

    Oh well... we still had a good time (always do up there!). We are already planning another weekend up there this month, and probably in October one or two times.

    We'll get one!

    (Oh, and no pictures. I forgot my camera when we went out - which is why I was sure we'd see a bear, lol!)
  13. Dalton Wayne

    Dalton Wayne Epic mustache
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    In my neck of the wood's here in Florida we are over run with Black bears, and the state will NOT allow a hunting season :steamed:
  14. bustedknee

    bustedknee Curmudgeon

    On some of my most memorable hunts - no critters died. :dancingbanana:

    Just planning the hunt then getting there can be 60% of the fun.
    Thanks for taking us along.
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