Be a Man, damn it!

Discussion in 'The Furball Forum' started by jdavionic, Jul 28, 2011.

  1. RichardB

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    Have you ever been in western Europe? The male handbag fad developed when the studs would not fit anything into their pockets.

    I have not been there in many years so maybe their tastes have changed. I found a link to a recent Huffington post on the subject. It's fluff, but the beat goes on.

    Not an issue for me I'm fat and don't like constricting clothes.

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  2. What you need to do is to teach girlfriend to like watching you drinking scotch.

    My girlfriend waits at a restaurant that's closing down:she's got me dibs on the Glenlivet,Maker's Mark,Beam,Dewar's,Crown and Jameson.If you happen to be in Chapel Hill NC,PM me.

  3. My daughter is 14 years old. Last Friday when I picked her up from school for our weekend visit, while we were in the car, she asked me, why do boys her age act so girly. I told her, these are the results of having a liberal upbringing. They don’t want their daughters to be submissive and they don’t want their sons to act masculine. Liberals want both sexes to act the same.

    Skinny Jeans should be only worn by females. I have no idea how a another mans junk can handle those kind of jeans.
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  4. Fiery Red XIII

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    [ame=""]AMAAAZIIIING (Rona Thorne Archer FX) - YouTube[/ame]

  5. Fred Hansen

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    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    That ought to be a sufficient number of smilies to wad whatshisnames panties.
  6. Just a question with no ill intent towards anybody , but has any body considered parenting ? There's many old sayings and one that comes to mind is that my father was no man to be toyed with , no mercy , over kill at times but I did learn morality , responsibility , and whether you like it or not , do it and be done with it or else.And that saying , like father , like son !:tongueout:
    Just maybe we didn't spend enough time with our children.
  7. jdavionic

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    My high schools are a distant memory...but that ^...guys would have been standing in line to knock the crap out him.
  8. kirgi08

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    Bedrock High?.'08. :whistling:
  9. jdavionic

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    :rofl: Nah...our cars had engines. However I am likely one of the older bastages on the forum.
  10. Was something wrong with the airplane? I'm glad you got out safely.

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