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Discussion in 'Strength & Conditioning' started by BCR, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. BCR

    BCR BIGASS!!!!

    Hope that stays out of anyones sig line. :embarassed:

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  2. Nothing like watching your face turn purple in the mirror. Fun stuff, I hate squats.

    Way to go though, you're kicking some ass.

  3. "Bad ass on my knees"

    That's just begging for two more lines.
  4. BCR

    BCR BIGASS!!!!

    Bad ass on my knees
    I am the creep with the creaks
    Pink underwear lives
  5. BCR

    BCR BIGASS!!!!

    Fridays quickie assistance

    Weighted Pullups - 25 x 4, 6, 4, 7, 4
    Ab Wheel - 9, 9, 8
    Band Pull aparts - 3x20

    On pullups I alternate overhand grip, then underhand grip.

    Thats why the reps are all over the place. :supergrin:
  6. BCR

    BCR BIGASS!!!!

    1st week of new deadlift cycle.

    Deads - 350x5x3
    High Box Squats - 305x3x5
    Inverted Rows - 4x12 feet elevated
    EZ bar curls - 90x4x10

    Still have a cold, but lifting went well. Good bar speed on deads.

    I'm really liking inverted rows. Its very hard to cheat like other rows. Curls suck, I got a pump and it was quite annoying.
  7. I'm glad I'm not the only person that thinks it sucks to get a pump.
  8. BCR

    BCR BIGASS!!!!

    2nd week of bench cycle.

    Flat - 235x5x3
    5 board - 270x4, 290x3, 310x0
    Side laterals - 15x4x15
    face Pulls - 50x3x18
    DB Skulls 35x18

    Felt off today for sure. 5 board went terrible. Got stuffed with 310, and recently was getting 305x3.

    My upper back is real sore from deads. When I go light it gets more sore then when I go heavy. Must kinda shrug the weight since its not heavy enough.

    May have something to do with the bad bench day. Erased from memory.
  9. BCR

    BCR BIGASS!!!!

    5/3/1 Squats

    Squats - 235x5, 265x3, 305x3
    Standing calves - 270x4x18
    Low Box Squats - 215x3x5

    Didn't feel like killing myself today. Kinda tired.
  10. California Jack

    Millennium Member

    You're doing 5/3/1 squat cycles? I thought you didn't get along well with 5/3/1?
  11. California Jack

    Millennium Member

    I'm with you fellas.
  12. Having my arms engorge to the point that it's hard to finish the workout is not fun.
  13. lol

    I said engorge.
  14. BCR

    BCR BIGASS!!!!

    You are correct sir.

    But I can't figure out which squat program to do. So I'm going to give it another shot. I do like the program, it just dosen't seem to work long for me.

    I like the low volume, since I don't enjoy squats.

    I was doing 5x5 and got decent results. But it was torture. May go back to it eventually.
  15. BCR

    BCR BIGASS!!!!

    Friday assistance

    Pullups - BWx 8, 8, 8, 8, 8
    Ab wheel - 9, 9, 9
    Band Pullaparts - 3x20

    Pullups felt good, I did them weighted last week, and this week back to BW but got an extra rep on all 5 sets.

    Kinda neat.
  16. Way neat. Atta boy.
  17. BCR

    BCR BIGASS!!!!

    Double plus good.

    (have you read 1984 by George Orwell?)
  18. :supergrin:yeppers.
  19. BCR

    BCR BIGASS!!!!

    2nd week of deads cycle

    Sumo - 375x4x3
    Conv - 335x3 (farting around)
    High Box Squats - 315x3x5
    DB rows - 75x4x10
    Ez bar curls - 90x4x10

    All felt good.

    Conventional pulls felt better. Still getting a feel for them. It does appear easier to get the bar off the floor that way. Should've gone for more reps, but I was just goofing around.

    I'm not very good at 1 arm DB rows. Haven't done them literally in years.
  20. BCR

    BCR BIGASS!!!!

    3rd week of bench cycle

    Flat - 250x4x3 (4 sets of 3)
    Narrow grip - 190x7, 210x5, 230x3 paused
    Side laterals - 18x4x15
    Face Pulls - 50x3x18
    DB Skulls - 35x19

    Felt kinda heavy today, but I got all prescribed reps on flat bench, so thats good.

    Highlight was getting 19 reps on skulls. :embarassed:

    I'm beginning to wonder if I should take a day off between deads and benching. I feel spent lately.
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