BCM BCGs in Stock

Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by dkf, Feb 8, 2013.

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    Wow!! Only $35.00 ABOVE list price!!!!

  2. Yep. We beat that topic to death in other threads. It is what it is.
  3. Or you can always buy one on Gunbroker for $400+...
  4. Got one. Thanks!
  5. :thumbsup:

    This was the only thing missing to complete my build.
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  6. I picked up one also to finish my first AR build. Only part I really need. Most of the stuff came from BCM at normal prices. 4 orders, impressed with them thus far.
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  7. And they are out of stock.
  8. Ha! I got one, a little pricey, but I'll take it. My buddy i work with got one too.Thanks for the heads up. He says they sold out pretty quickly.
  9. I was at the computer doing some work, I just happened to click on my e-mail and the notification had just been sent by BCM
    that they were in. I clicked on the add to cart button and
    you guessed it, not is stock.
    It was 9 minutes from the time I received the notification, until
    I tried to order. Back on the list.
  10. GSSF17

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    I was in the "under 10 minutes" timeframe as well...... dang. Musta only had a dozen of them.....:dunno:
  11. There have been reports of people getting the emails up to several hours later than the actual time they were listed as in stock. Unfortunately, that happens sometimes, and people miss out because of it.
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    One born every minute.
  13. Snagged one only because I was following a thread on AR15 forums and someone posted that they were in.

    They were in stock for about 15-20 minutes only because the notification system is SERIOUSLY f'ed up - I got my email notification literally 3 hours after they came in stock.
  14. Seems I get notifications from BCM in under an hour when in stock. Other sites like AIM usually takes a couple hours. I don't think AIM's servers can handle the load because it slows down to a crawl when notifications go out.
  15. I got a notification from BCM about 30 minutes after people on AR15.com were stating that they were sold out.
  16. Figures.... The BCG that Midway sends me is damaged ( last part for my build ) and I can't even get an e-mail from Bravo Company for in stock status... I'm getting sick of this... I only need a BCG !!!
  17. Yep. I refuse to let them dictate how much I donate to anything. I'll wait it out. I wasn't home when the email notice went out anyway.

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