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  1. Alright guys I know somebody has a couple BCGs they are willing to sell at a respectable price. I am trying to complete my kids Christmas guns (6y.o. son & 8y.o. daughter). All we lack is their BCGs. If you are willing to part with two decent branded BCGs for a reasonable price please IM me. I can't afford to pay the e-bay profiteers. Thanks for looking!:wavey:
  2. Yikes. Yeah a buddy at work just ordered one, I should ask him if he got an ETA.
  3. Thanks BMoore, not my first choice either. But it's kinda hard to explain why Santa brought rifles that weren't ready to smack coyotes. Ordered 2 with knowledge of a month wait. Hopefully that will be less. But still better than the June date I have for my DD BCGs from Midway, that were supposed to be in on December 31st. Guess these will do for the interim and become backups or turned over later.

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