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BBQ Beef Ribs

Discussion in 'Food Forum' started by Phil306, Dec 3, 2003.

  1. Phil306


    Sep 13, 2003
    Dublin, California
    Ok you gunfighters, what are your favorite BBQ Beef Rib recipes?
  2. f1b32oPTic

    f1b32oPTic R4d104c71v3

    Aug 5, 2003
    up close & personal
    parboil ribs in 2 liters of A&W rootbeer until near falling off bone over medium is important that you boil over medium heat because it will toughen the ribs if done too fast.

    remove ribs and discard liquid.

    season ribs with salt and pepper to your liking.

    throw coals on grill and get them ready.

    take ribs and put into a large bowl and pour on your favorite barbque sauce and evenly coat the ribs.

    put sauced ribs on the grill and lightly grill until sauce becomes a little darker, stickier and thicker. not more than 4-5 minutes.

    serve with ice cold beer and invite me over

  3. glockodile

    glockodile Confederate Son

    Aug 21, 2003
    Successionist Florida
    Good Lord Jesus and Piggly Wiggly


    That is Southern Blasphemy pure and simple. Slow smoke those bad boys over dampened hardwood (oak, hickory, mesquite, etc.) after applying a dry rub of your choice. Sauce at the table by each individual to their personal liking. A slab should take no less than 6-8hrs on average. It aint a heat thing you arent grilling them.

    Goto any barbeque competition and ask who parboils ribs first, if you are not forcefully ejected you wont get an affirmative answer from the winners shonuff
  4. f1b32oPTic

    f1b32oPTic R4d104c71v3

    Aug 5, 2003
    up close & personal
    i dont have 6-8 hours to worry over some ribs
    i like the parboil in rootbeer

  5. Wulfenite

    Wulfenite The King

    Pagan ^d

    Rub with salt pepper and coat with garlic powder. Cook on the lowest setting possible on the grill till done.
  6. kilroy2721


    Feb 14, 2002
    BEEF RIBS...I love them, have tried many ways to make them...nothing has come out as good as I get them from Tony Roma's though. I was told to boil them to soften them up and then put them on the grill, but they don't taste to good that way...but then I never tried to put them in Rootbeer, but I have not tried to smoke them over the grill for 6 hrs...I am not equipped to do that. I wish I was though.
  7. Garweh

    Garweh CLM

    Aug 12, 2002
    Upstate New York
    Boil? Ribs?!? Seriously, I have tried many methods including the dry rub and then long, slow smoking and precooking and then smoking. My current favorite is to rub the ribs with a dry rub and allow them to "marinate" for 4 to 6 hours. I then wrap them in aluminum foil, add an aromatic liquid (wine, garlic, honey, vinegar) and braise them in a 250 degree oven for 2 hours (this cooks and tenderizes them). The ribs are then smoked for about 2 hours over hardwood chunks or chips (this is for flavor) and for the last 30 minutes of smoking they are coated with a chipotle BBQ sauce. AWESOME.