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Bay Area Steel Shoot on Memorial Monday

Discussion in 'California Glockers' started by gary newport, May 22, 2007.

  1. Once again, a daytime version of our regular Saturday Night Steel Shoot will be held from 9-3 on Monday, May 28 (the regular time is 5-10, Saturday) at the San Leandro Rifle and Pistol Range (in San Leandro). Cost is $12.00 (Memorial Day or Saturdays), a waiver must be signed and a briefing/safety evaluation will be conducted by one of our S.O.s. Basic COF is to shoot man-on-man, with the first to down his (or her) six plates and three popper AND the "tie-breaker" plate winning that string. We draw from the holster. Shooters are limited to 20 rounds per string and no more than 10 rounds may be loaded in magazines. Competition

    If you have questions, just post them in this thread and I'll try to answer them.
  2. AAshooter


    Nov 1, 2000
    Can anyone shoot the Saturday and Monday match?? Are there different classes of guns or does everyone compete regardless of hardware? For example, do stock 1911 shooters compete directly with 10-round race guns?

  3. Anyone can shoot either or both, providing they can do so safely. This is an INFORMAL competition and we just don't have enough shooters to support divisions. Consequently, a stock 1911 or Glock shooter (or even a revolver shooter) may well shoot against a race gunner on one string, but that will probably change on the next as we "reshuffle" the pairs for each string.

    It is more about practice and fun than about winning anyway, since no scores are kept and the winner of a string only has bragging rights for that string.

    Minimum caliber: .38 Special or 9mm. No magnums. Shooters are required to pick up their brass (we shoot on a huge tarp) so reloaders shouldn't lose any brass. As usual, eye and ear protection are mandatory for shooters and spectators. Holsters must be strong-side only, though there are no restrictions on type (IWB, thigh rig, racing, etc.).

    If you can't make it this weekend, note that the Saturday Night Steel Shoot is held EVERY Saturday.