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Bass fishing in the Canals FL

Discussion in 'Hunting, Fishing & Camping' started by noway, Oct 3, 2002.

  1. Does anybody in the forum fish for bass off the bank of any inland Canals located in South/SouthEast florida ?

    I'm looking for a location between North Broward and St Luice County. I 'm having luck in Pompano canal but would like to explore somewhere more nothern within 100 to 150miles.

    btw: The bass I'm pulling out are from 10" to 14" and love plastic worms ( berkley or Charlies )
  2. edbird45


    Jun 19, 2002
    S. Florida
    They're everywhere. I'm in Palm Beach County and they really are in all the canals I've tried. The canals in my neighborhood have bass, tilapia, and shellcrackers. Some canals up here have snook, but haven't found them yet- still trying. You should try fishing for Peacock bass if you are in Broward, that's the only place they live. They are much better game than largemouths (even tilapia fight better, they can really put up a fuss).

    Florida F&G now has a peacock bass pamphlet that lists all the canals you can find them in. Try a local shop to find the brochure. I have found them tail to head stacked up like in a farm pond in Davie, in in a little canal that looks more like a ditch along Palm, next to the Pembroke Lakes Golf and Racquet Club- backcasting a fly rod in between cars going by!!!

    They don't like worms. They like baitfish, and rapala and rapala like items. I had no luck with flies, so far but am working on it......When they strike they hit like a saltwater game fish....hard and definitively. Lots of tilapia around there to.

    Give it a try.

  3. edbird45


    Jun 19, 2002
    S. Florida
    One last thing, there's an Urban Angler club that specializes in canal fishing. I'll try to find the contact info and post it.
  4. redskyzatknight

    redskyzatknight Glock S&W Kahr

    Oct 11, 2001
    The Gunsmine State
    try 441 canal north of Glades. big catfish and a few big mouth. i also used to fish the Hillsboro canal which runs out of the Everglades with lots of action and theres a bait store there if your a bait chucker.
  5. Thanks, I ve been at the Hillsboro canal leading into the Loxchatee NWR. Caught 2 nice saize largemouths and one decent Blue Gill, located about 4 miles W of SR7/441 on the south bank. I like the Hillsboro canal since it is not very wide in most parts and easy to cast along the side or across to other side when fish activity is present. Berekley PowerBait with the amb 5000 or quantum accurist 500 series seem to be very good for good casting.

    { Palm, next to the Pembroke Lakes Golf and Racquet Club- backcasting a fly rod in between cars going by!!! }

    This might be my next spot to try. I'll look into the Urban Angler club to see what's going on around town.

    Thanks for the information.
  6. 10-14" bass, Damn! In my life, I have only pulled up two fish, the larger being 9" and 1 1/5lb. You sound like successful fishermen, and I am a complete amateur about fishing, I still have a problem with losing lures, any idea how I can fix that problem?
  7. 10" imho don't equal a meal. A good size for the game fish Bass would be 14"+ inches and over 1lb. My cuban friends moms love the smaller size fish ( they all say it taste better), but I always thow them back if they are 10" or under, unless the hook is set way deep and I can't get it out without harming the fish.

    As far as lures, a good tied knot helps and depending on how the lake/canal/pond bottom are you might need to look at a weedless method. I lost alot of lures my self. I'm always joking with my dad that I'm feeding the bass a $3.47 lure. So plastic worms , tied with the hook back into the body ( weedless method ) texas jig has been my method. Great for rocky bottoms and thick weeds. I pretty much use Berkeley power bait worms. The Large mouths loves the hell out of them.

    I still loose worms/hook/weight but it doesn't cost me $3.47+. Right now with fall approaching the bass action has picked up but I haven't found a good spot with big size large mouth or Peacock bass available. The biggest fish I've netted off the bank might have been 2.5lbs and once I got a large mouth up near South Bay that was closer to 3 or maybe 4 lbs, but it knocked itself off the hook when I had him on the bank.He got away.

    That fish I caught by surprise and using the Besty flyer lure.

    If you really looking at some serious game fish, you will need a boat and need to go upstate FL around the man made lakes and such in the Orlando area or even north of that. I'm assuming with the colder part of the year coming down, the fish are going to get more active and hungry.
  8. Oh, ok, I don't know if they come lose or the line snaps, I just lose them. I have been hoping to head back up to the resovior that I lost them all in while its dried up to find them all, and figure out how I lose them. But I will see if it's the lose knot that troubles me, its either that or I pull too hard when I snag something.
  9. I had friend that use to loose any lure or hook that he tied on just about every cast. I asked him to show me his knot. It was some piece of crap tie. I should him the Polmar (IIRC ) , now and he has yet to loose as much as he did in the past.

    A good knot goes a long way to securing the hook or lure.
  10. Polamor? I will have to check that out. I lost a lure every other cast, which is why I only used my custom made lure only twice, NO I did't lose it yet, I am just afraid of losing it before I can get rid of the disappearing lure problem because I once say a HUGE BIG MOUTH BASS CHASING AFTER IT, THAN MY DAMN LITTLE BROTHER THREW A ROCK ABOUT AN INCH AWAY FROM IT BEFORE IT SNAGGED THE LURE!! Have any of you have something like that happen to you?
  11. edbird45


    Jun 19, 2002
    S. Florida
    I just had to bring back this thread for another post.

    I went to the local canal here in my neighborhood earlier this week (Palm Beach Gardens) armed with live shiners. I have had no luck here multiple times with anything artificial (weeds make it difficult too) but have had decent luck with nightcrawlers when I bring my boys with me.

    We used shiners and I caught three good sized bass in a row, the last one being about 18" and several pounds!!! What a hog!!!Switching to artificials after we used up the shiners, and back to zero catch. )I release all the bass, don't trust canal water)

    A guy at the local shop here told me that the local bass are pretty impossible to catch on anything except live bait and plastic worms (I haven't had luck with plastic worms....) I'm beginning to think he's right, though.

    Tomorrow afternoon I'm taking my boys after school down the block to the canal with a bucket of shiners...and a digital cam. I'll post pix if we do ok....From what I've seen all the canals around this area are loaded with fish.Everyone's busy saltwater fishing and the canals are way underutilized-not sexy.

  12. edbird45


    Jun 19, 2002
    S. Florida
    one last thing, I picked up another flyer.

    City Fisher- Newsletter for the South Florida Canal and Urban Pond Angler

    put out by FWC Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

    email for more info and back issues.

    Lots of good info on how to best utilize ponds and canals here.

  13. The following link will lead you to alot of canal information

    Just last night , I pulled a 8lb Black Bass from Pompano Canal just north of southgate near university. Bait ( as always) was Berkely Powerbait the plastic Shad approx 4" long on a Quantum Accurist 501 with 5.6" Berkely Graphite rod. This Bass by far ha sbeen the largest that I have pull out of any canal and was about 4 lbs heavier then the 2 I pulled from Hillsboro.

    I have never caught any Large Mouth with any special lures and always get bites, nibbles, and strikes with PowerBait, Charlie Worms and ocassionally the Zoom worms. The larger mouth bass go crazy over theses.

    This weekend I'm trying my luck in SW/SE dade in the cutler ridge canal. Peacock bass in the morning and Large Bass or whatever I can get later on.
  14. edbird45


    Jun 19, 2002
    S. Florida
    Got a surprise at the local canal the other night. Right before sunset, we were fishing live shiners and I put a bobber on one to see what would happen, as things were slow. As it was getting dark, I got a pretty good strike, so started to reel in. I brought the fish to shore, and in the dark couldn't see too well, it turned out to be a 2 foot alligator gar!!! Surprised me as I was expecting a large bass......ugly thing, I tell you. Was lip hooked, otherwise I am sure he would have sliced that mono leader like butter.

    Went down there this morning w ith my boys, we caught a bunch of shellcrackers and a few small to medium sized bass...nothing to write home about but better than being skunked. Used nightcralwers today.

  15. Nice work on the gar. I tired to catch one in HolyLand WMA off of US27. NO luck. There must have been 12 to 20 of them along with 2 gators sunning in a culvert pool. Very interesting sight. One gar had to easily been 3ft long. Most where 1ft to 2ft in length.

    Did the gar put up alot of fight? Also did you de-hook him once he landed?

    btw: Another medium size 4.5LB Largemouth ( 21" long ) caught in Pompano Canal, plus a few 8 to 12" bass on Saturday Eve.
  16. edbird45


    Jun 19, 2002
    S. Florida
    ---Did the gar put up alot of fight? Also did you de-hook him once he landed? ---

    Sounds like you're doing great in the Pompano Canal!!!May have to head down there.

    The gar fought like a bass, that's what I thought I had until I saw the ugly beast- which is to say, not too much fight, mostly dead weight. I flyfish in Montana every year and love the fight those rainbows put up- they really run with the current. In comparison the bass are pretty leaden.

    I did actually de-hook him with a large hemostat only because he was lip hooked. I say lip hooked although it doesn't look like they have much in the way of lips, just these long, skinny rows of many teeth covered by a little skin!!! The hook was sticking out of his jaw so I grabbed it with the hemostat, pulled it out and kick/rolled him down the hill back into the canal. He seemed none the worse for wear and swam away. Good riddance.....
  17. Here is a typical large mouth bass that I've been pulling out of the canal in my neighborhood.

    He was quoted as weighing 8lbs but I found out my scale is way off. This guy might have been closer to 10lbs.

    As you can see in the picture, from the front bottom lip to rear of the cadual fin, he is slightly shy of 2ft in length.

    bait used Berkley 6 or 7" worm on 8lb Stern Easy cast line with quantum Accurist baitcast reel and Berkley lighting strike graphite rod.

    This is second largest fishI have caught off the shore line with the largest bass taken in Moorse Haven , FL weighing in at 11.5lbs about 2 months ago.

    Bait used was Bass Assain worm on 6 Rapala line and a Daiwa baicast reel on a shimano 6'6" rod. That fish was monster.
  18. okay second try.

    ( it's strange I get a too large of file warning but the GT board uploads just a little bit of the file )

    so I've cut,paste and resized from the original.
  19. And for comparison, here is a typical avg size bass that I 've been pulling from the waters.

    avg = 8" to 12" total