Barnes 125gr 10mm bullet ( new to me)

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  1. It's an excellent bullet, but due to the length of it & corresponding case volume, you won't get anywhere near 135gr Nosler velocities. _The_Shadow has done quite a bit of testing with solid copper bullets, and posted the results here.

    For a better varmint type load, I really like the 9x25 Dillon out of a 6" tube. I think my 124gr XTP's @ 1800fps would be extremely hard to beat for varmints. Fragmentation isn't really a worry with small game like varmints, even coyotes. What I'm really interested to see, is if my 90gr XTP's @ 2050fps have any precision out to 50-100yds, and what that little screamer does to squirrels.


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    Yes the all copper bullets are long for their weights, developing loads takes some work...also expensive to play with.

    However for Self Defense or hunting they would be a good choice in my opinion!

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