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Discussion in 'GT Voting Booth' started by ChrisVV, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. spdski

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    I remember when I heard someone say that Bush is not their president, the right responded by saying "If you don't like this country, you can leave."

    Well. To all of you who want say it about Obama, feel free to leave. Otherwise, suck it up, and act like you live in a democracy because you do. Next time volunteer for the candidate you want, call your congressman when you have an opinion, f-ing DO SOMETHING.

    This country rewards effort.

    P.S. Calling someone a piece of crap is vile rhetoric.

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  2. Pinki

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    You support blind Nationalism then? That person didn't like Bush -- he didn't say he didn't like AMERICA. I'm fine with Bush, but I am NOT fine with Obama. Would you support MAO if you were in China during his time? Would you support Castro if you were in Cuba during his time? Do I think Obama is Castro or Mao? Perhaps not, but I think he's foul. I think there are a whole lot of people that are proud of themselves for voting for him. I think they are going to be sorely disappointed. Obama is NOT what America is all about. He is NOT the American way. He's the Socialist Republic way and he is ANTI gun. ANTI GUN is ANTI American. America is about her history, about cowboys, about GUNS, about mavericks! Another Reagan is what we need :patriot:

  3. walangkatapat

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    Of course the left has never said anything vile about our current Prez.
  4. Pinki

    Pinki Kiss My Glock

    Of course not -- that would be unAmerican! :shocked::rofl::rofl:
  5. Pinki

    Pinki Kiss My Glock

    The left has never burned flags either!

    Yeah right.
  6. Pinki

    Pinki Kiss My Glock

    Obama is a girly man.....
  7. I am reminded of the old saw, "Be careful of what you wish, you might get it." All those Democrats who have longed for a Democrat in the White House now have one. God watch over us !

    Our country has weathered crisis before and I trust that we will weather this one also. Yes, change is a coming but we must stand by our Constitution and take an active part in protecting it.

  8. 17z


    I cannot trust Obama with change. I get better change from McDonalds. 17z
  9. Last time we had a DEM in office our country had a surplus of money. :)
  10. The last time someone raised taxes on business during a recession, we had a depression.
  11. freakshow10mm

    freakshow10mm 10mm Advocate

    Because Clinton rode the wave that Regan put into place. Cut corporate taxes, corporations now have more money to reinvest. That creates jobs and sparks the economy.
  12. I remember when Ragan went into office and stopped domestic oil and the oil businesses all went bankrupt. Helped big business and all the small companies had to close their doors. Unemployment was close to an all time high.

    The past 8 yrs went from a surplus to a great big deficient and unemployment is once again at a all time high.

    My other post was a WOW moment. Didn't mean to ruffle any feathers. I'm sorry if I did......
  13. meshmdz

    meshmdz OBAMA 2012

    Men, a few responses....

    Yes, the left has stated a number of times that GWB has done wrong things, ignored reports in regards to his foreign policy decision making, twisted intel to get authorization from Congress for wars, etc.. Various bi-partisan investigatory committees have proven this. However, the difference is this. GWB has had 8 years AS President. Obama hasnt even had a day in office yet. I think and he will be under the same scrutiny as GWB was under. Obama needs to be watched closely and held accountable for the things he does and says he will do. When he doesnt come through, if in fact he doesnt, he needs to be called on it and exposed by Americans that hold him accountable - just as GWB was.

    TO the guy who mentioned Mao in China - to relate an American President to Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pot, etc, is just ****ing wrong. Get off the right wing cool-aid. If you dont like him, fine, but to equate him to murderers is ****ing disgusting. :steamed:

    I am hopeful for Obama and his admin. We must keep a close eye on him and hold he and his admin accountable for the things they do. If he hasnt done what he has stated or made substantial efforts in those directions, then we shouldnt re-elect him in 2012.

    Now - however, it is time to rally behind the American President to be and support him, regardless of feelings pro or con for this man. He IS our President to be and if we become one people and support him, while holding him accountable, I think we will see positive things in this nation.
  14. A big part of the reason he is under so much criticism already is because of his tactics in getting elected. He has already proven that he will lie and deliberately mislead the American people now, so why should we expect less of him as President? He got a free pass from the mainstream media throughout his campaign. We will give him a fair shot as we have no choice, but I think he has well-earned some of the criticism he has received from the people that aren't drinking the other Kool-Aid...
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  15. Mesh, that is a good honest post from you. I will make a couple of points.

    1. Many of us (who voted for GWB) are not thrilled with his presidency. He spent like a drunken sailor, going to war with Iraq in the way we did was very questionable, he let us gun owners down by saying he would sign another AWB & supporting the DC gun ban and while I liked many of his proposals he ran on in 2004, he signed into law virtually non of them. (privatization of social security, flat tax or at least fixing the tax code, and charter schools for the broken public school beaucracy).

    2. Obama has been scrutinized a lot thus far because he has been far from honest about many issues (his positions on gun control for instance), including all his shady relationships with reverend Wright, Bill Ayers, Tony Rezko.

    I hope Obama does govern from the center like he has implied in statements since winning the elections. He has spoken like a president, but his actions are telling a different story. Rahm Emanuel is as partisan as they come, and this is who Obama picked to be the second most powerful man in Washington? We all know the old saying, "Actions speak louder than words".

    Another thing to realize about Obama, I believe he is full of "good intentions" (at least in his mind), but the results of his policy may very well be devastating. Congress has already stated they wish to cut military spending by 25%, Obama has stated he wants to "stop all future weapons programs", and he has also stated his desire to significantly decrease our nuclear weapons programs unilaterally. Do you not think this will inspire our enemies see how far they can push the U.S. around? I garantee this is what is going to happen. Ahmadinejad sent Obama a letter congratulating him, first time this has happened since the revolution in Iran.

    I vote on 3 broad issues: Economy/Taxes, National Defense & Freedom/Liberty.

    Here is my breakdown of Obama V. McCain:

    Economy: McCain wins because of his energy policy (this DIRECTLY effects the economy), Obama has said he will "bankrupt" the coal industry, he is not in favor of opening up our continental shelves for drilling or drilling in Anwar, nor does he like nuclear power either. Even the messiah cannot legislate an energy miracle, you can't fix our energy issue with wind power alone. Technological breakthroughs come via the free market much more efficiently and quickly than they do from government (thats a big reason why the USA wont the cold war and not the USSR).

    For example, research the Chevy Volt, the US is acutally ahead of the world in alternative energy in large part thanks to GM developing the ability to mass produce the lithium ion battery car (of course, the messiah will take credit for this, even though I've been talking about the Chevy Volt for a year and a half now as a reason to invest in GM now, but hey, what do I know). With this new technology, the increased demand for electricity will increase. If we play our cards right with nuclear power, we could cheaply heat every home in the country and power our vehicles and be completely energy independant (national security, see how these issues intertwine).

    The messiah will not build the nuclear power plants we need, nor will he authorize or lobby congress to allow for more domestic drilling. Notice I didn't even need to mention taxes in my economy argument? I could teach a course on why the messiah's tax plan will ruin the economy, but lets keep the issues simple for now.

    National Security: McCain wins, because of what I've previously said about the messiah unilaterally disarming our nuclear arsenal, cutting all future weapons programs and allowing the democratically controlled congress to cut military funding by 25%. Notice how Ahmadinejad congratulated Obama on his win? We will now be tested by our enemies who see weakness in our nation. Ahmadinejad believes it is his duty to awaken the 12th Imam (the Mahdi) and to do this, he believes he must cause "great chaos" (ie, "wipe Israel out in 1 storm). What do you think that will lead to? Notice how Russia started saber rattling the day after the election and how Putin is attempting to get the Russian constitution changed so he can be president again? Its because our enemies see weakness. I am a firm believer in peace through strength, Obama believes in peace through weakness.

    Freedom/Liberty: Obama has used Chicago political tactics to silence and defame his critics thus far, so we know he doesn't believe in freedom of speech (when you disagree with him). The dems are already talking about implimenting the "Fairness Doctrine" (ie, restriction on 1A, gotta love how libs always mislabel bills they propose because they know most people won't read them) and implimenting an AWB at the very least (restriction on 2A). Couple that with the increased spending/taxes we are sure to see, Obama has one hell of a plan to "change" (take) freedoms away from the American people.

    I could keep going, but I'll stop here. I'm sure you had your reasons for voting for Obama (maybe you could explain), but the majority of Obama supporters did not vote for Obama on policy/philosophy/positions. My aunt who is 56 voted for the first time in her life (she hasn't worked in decades, btw) for Obama, I asked her why and she could not explain, other than she thinks Obama is gonna give her more money (but I'm sure she didn't want to say that).

    But of course, Obama is our President-Elect, we all have to hope for the best. I'm skeptically supporting his administration, but my gut tells me it won't be long before we see the country circling the toilet. I wish the dems woulda ran Jim Webb, I probably would have voted for him over McCain, and I'm sure Webb would won, considering it was the dems year, but running a socialist v. a blue dog is very telling of the far left shift the democratic party has taken since the days of JFK. Off my soap box!!!

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  16. Front Sight

    Front Sight Front Sight

    There were far to many people taking their freedom for granted in this last election.
  17. ChrisVV

    ChrisVV American

    You are delusional.
  18. TrptProf


    Just remember, Obama sold his soul to the hard left(amongst others). We'll see how he governs when it's time to "pay the piper."

    God Bless America!
  19. I can support part of the message of this video! Check out the left-hand corner @ 8:43! :wavey:

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