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  1. Its not the ban . Senate Dems knew it would not fly. Its the ammo prices stupid! use the crisis to the full advantage. I am glad i have a stock but it will be hard to replenish at these prices. that is how the Gov. will render the 2nd ill-relevant.

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  2. Well, you can always hold off on shooting for a while - that's what I am doing. :)

  3. This is exactly what I've said for years. They will never confiscate guns, they will just make it so expensive only the elite will be able to afford to feed them.
  4. I wish Americans would wise up and render these dems ill-rellevant at the ballot box or it'll get much worse.

    Im proud to say i never ever voted for a democrat. Been voting straight republican since i was 18.
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  5. Post 5.56 just for the hell of it!
  6. RUT


    Same here.... I've got plenty of ammo, but I'm not interested in blasting it off at the moment.
  7. John Galt

    John Galt Anti-Federalist

    Unfortunatly, marksmanship is a perishable skill. Unless you have enough ammo to practice with over the course of your lifetime, your ability WILL degrade.

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  8. John Galt
    Yes it is- why I went out today with the K98 -open sites - and went through 30 rounds fired at 166 and 218 yard random targets -still can do it even with my old eyes! Nicely surprised it was realitively easy to get hits even with my cast loads. Nice big holes ! Nice cheap practice about $.15 a round!:supergrin:

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