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  1. :dunno:

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  2. Here's my Ballfur...

  3. Looks like he needs his tummy rubbed!!!
  4. That's exactly what she needs!!
  5. Nice!

    I want to see a bigger pic!
  6. uz2bUSMC

    uz2bUSMC 10mm defender

    Of his furballs?
  7. uz2bUSMC

    uz2bUSMC 10mm defender

    Up Hic

    Does that work?:dunno:
  8. I will gladly oblige. As soon as I learn how to post a pic on here. As of right now this is the first, and only, board that I participate in, and sadly , posting pics is a skill I have not yet mastered.
  9. Why not? They're adorable:supergrin:
  10. uz2bUSMC

    uz2bUSMC 10mm defender

    If you need help, PM me.

    Btw, better be cat pics:supergrin:
  11. I will probly do that when I have a little time, I work weird hours.

    I have cat pics too!!
  12. uz2bUSMC

    uz2bUSMC 10mm defender

  13. Cat pics...........
    I can oblige you there...
  14. uz2bUSMC

    uz2bUSMC 10mm defender

    I'd post a pic of my cat, but he's not too fond of cameras. He did ask that that you send a "How You Doin'?" along to yours on his behalf.
  15. Mine doesn't care about the camera as long as she gets her head rubbed.

    And tell him that mine are doing very well, thank him very much.
  16. G33

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    Best thread in section.
  17. uz2bUSMC

    uz2bUSMC 10mm defender

    Yes, you did good:supergrin:
  18. G33

    G33 Frisky!
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  19. itisbruno

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