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Backing up video DVD's

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by Maximaking, Dec 21, 2005.

  1. Maximaking


    Dec 20, 2002
    Louisville KY
    Hey guys, I have several newer DVD's that have cracked near the center. From what I understand I can legally make a backup of a commercial DVD movie for personal use as long as I have the original disc. Can any of you guys point me in the right direction as far as if this is possible and what software to use? Again, I'm not looking to do anything illegal and if I am off base please tell me so. I see this issue as being similar to the whole replament mag body issue durring the AWB. As long as you have the damaged product you are fine.

  2. HAVOC

    HAVOC Remember Millennium Member CLM

    Jun 20, 1999
    Location: Location:
    Dude... you need to change your avatar... you'll scare the children.

    For a hard drive backup of a DVD (or CD for that matter) you can use most any of the regular CD/DVD burning programs to put an image on your hard drive. They all handle it differently, so specfic instructions are kinda hard. You can even play the images from you hard drive with a CD/DVD emulator program.

    If you have a DVD burner, most software has an exact copy option, so you can make another DVD and secure the originals.

  3. Kjott21

    Kjott21 Berserker

    Dec 15, 2004
    Emsworth, PA
    PM sent with some info. These threads keep getting locked.
  4. It's really not worth the trouble in America.They are only movies.How many times are you going watch the same or take up space storing DVD's?It takes a bit of time and money for each copy.DVD movies are cheap enough to buy in America and most libraries have them and video clubs rent them cheap.

    The other problem is while it might be legal to copy DVD's you own,it's not legal in America to possess the software that defeats copy protection.A sort of catch-22.