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Baby steps, baby steps and how I decided to stop being a fatty

Discussion in 'Cop Talk' started by rockapede, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. But you will look good in tight clothes like a heroin-chic Calvin Klein model.:supergrin:

    What works for me, sort of, is to just be mindful of total calories taken in throughout the day. It's easy to lose track of how much you eat as you work and drive around and snack and work and snack and drink and eat and next thing you know, you are averaging way over your daily recommended or target calories.

    I read labels religiously for calorie content and keep a running tally in my head for a rough estimate of my caloric consumption. If I work out that day, I allow myself a bit of wiggle room, but here's the bottom line, no matter what you do or don't do or subscribe to from everyone else's advice:

    You eat more, you will put on more weight, simple as that. You can work out all you want and be as healthy as you want and blah blah blah but if you are eating 5k calories a day of healthy food, you are still going to put on weight compared to a guy who eats 2k calories comprised only of bacon and burgers and beer, all else being equal.

    I'm older than a lot of you and I've managed to keep within two inches of my waist size from high school/college and that's only because I was a really tiny dude back then because I keep mindful of my caloric intake and I lift weights to maintain muscle mass.

    I am not as worried about overall weight as long as my size and musclature is intact. You work out more, you will put on mass because muscle is denser than fat.

    At my peak, I was 25 pounds heavier than my skinniest weight in high school, but was the same waist size. Go figure. My muscles were huge though so that explains a lot of the mass.
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    My wife the Personal Trainer agrees with this. She's a runner who has done the complete P90X program (REALLY done it, on the same schedule and everything) 4-5 times now. She's way cooler than me when it comes to fitness.
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    Feb 19, 2007
    I'll jump in here too since I also got serious about my weight and fitness a year ago and ended up losing about 35 pounds. I was also able to get my body fat down to about 9-10%.

    I already ate pretty good before, but I just really concentrated on being as clean as possible. Lots of lean meats and veggies, whole grains, cut out HFCS, low fat diary, and just watching portion sizes. I also changed up my schedule and took to eating 5 smaller meals a day. I basically eat something every 3 hours or so. Follow some simple rules for your diet and success will follow. Stick with lean proteins like poultry and fish. You can really never eat too many veggies. Grains/Starches need to be whole grain and in moderation. My meals also start large and get smaller throughout the day. That way by the time dinner rolls around you can eat a smaller meal and still be satisfied. This also helps keep your evening calories in check. You are going to need most of your energy earlier in the day and during your busiest hours and fewer as you start to wind down. It also really helps to keep your accountable and help balance out your diet if you use a calorie tracker such as

    Also, in case you work nights and get caught up in my terms for meals such as breakfast, lunch and dinner....I work nights too, so no excuses about your schedule not being conducive to that. Just make sure you are eating your regular meals and snacks. This helps keep your metabolism up, your blood sugar even, and helps to keep you from getting overly hungry and then just stuffing yourself.

    I also allow myself a cheat day once a week. I dont go wild and just eat everything in sight, but I will allow myself a few things that I normally would not. On your cheat day, have a few pieces of chocolate, a slice or two of pizza, or whatever your pleasure is. I think that a cheat day is very important, because the more you feel trapped by your diet, the harder it is going to be for your to stay committed. However, again a cheat day is not a free ticket to eat like crap all day, have a few cheats minding portion size! I have found that they helped me stay sane, and you enjoy those guilty pleasures all that much more when they do come around.

    If you have anymore questions about my diet or the exercise plans that I used, let me know or PM me.
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    There is a daily workout on their site. Our academy has all the equipment (kettlebells, barbells, weights etc.) if you have the basic equipment there is no reason to go to a crossfit gym. There are a huge rip off IMHO.

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    VERY good point, a lot of people overlook this part (calorie logging) and then wonder why they can't lose weight. Just like having a line-by-line budget once you're serious about getting finances under control.

    Start a food journal, at least for awhile, and write down EVERYTHING you eat during every day. Another resource is which has food items as well as dozens (hundreds?) of restaurants' nutritional information. You may be surprised at how unchecked calories can add up, but it will give you a lot of knowledge on what (and how much) of any given food should or shouldn't go into your body.

    Us guys are lucky, as we get at least 2000-2200 calories per day because of our muscle mass and metabolism. There are more scientific ways to figure out your calorie needs once you get to that point.
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  7. I try to keep my intake under two thousand a day and it's not really that hard if you just mind your food, like smaller portions and avoid fast food stuff and go for their alternative menu like salads or maybe just skip a meal and have a few granola/energy bars which give you about five hundred calories instead but is enough to keep you going.
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    Dec 26, 2007
    When I started at my agency in the jail, I was 26 and 210 lbs at 6'. I have a pretty muscular build so I looked pretty good at 210. After 4 years of sitting in a housing unit and eating jail food (carbs and starch) I was up to 272. 3 month ago I just had enough with being fat. I started using the MyfitnessPal App on my phone and computer to log what I ate. Very easy to use. Plug in your stats, it tells you how many calories you can have to lose X amount of weight/week. As you exercise, you add calories back into your daily limit. Almost every food you can think of is already in there, just search for it and enter how much you had. For for scratch recipes for those of you who are cooks or have an old lady that likes to cook, you can create a custom food and enter the ingredients in and how many servings it makes. It will also track sodium, calcium, vitamins, etc. I love it. I almost completely cut out pop, all fast food so that I could stay under my daily calorie goal, starting consistantly jogging, high intensity interval training, and some circuit training in my garage with the basics (push ups, sit ups, flutter kicks, air squats lunges, etc.) and doing some weight training during my lunch break. So far I am down 42 lbs. I don't really have a set goal weight, just want to be healthy. I will be happy with anything under 220 honestly.
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    May 31, 2005
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    Skipping meals will make your body STORE calories into fat, because it thinks it's starving. Thus you won't lose weight, at least not the right way at the right rate.

    Although no doubt that our job sometimes requires bizarre eating times and places... so the perfect meal schedule ain't always gonna happen!
  10. I didn't say completely skip it, I was saying skip a real full meal that's going to be a thousand calories or above and have energy bars or granola bars to get the nutrients but not the calories.

    Works for me.
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    Jul 12, 2007
    You are correct about completely skipping a meal.

    And you are correct about substituting a few small meals for a big meal... You eat less total, and many small meals teach your body that food is plentiful, and doesn't leave a lot of extra calories at one sitting that it needs to store as fat because it knows that's way more energy than it needs at the moment.

  12. Although when you cheat and pig out, it doesn't make a difference as long as your body knows it is not starving. The body can only absorb so many calories at one time anyway and it does a remarkable job at shedding extras.
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    Oct 27, 2006
    Definitely cut out the sugar pop. Also no snacking in the evening. I started cycling when knees got creaky and love it. Lots of bike paths here--you can do sprints/ intervals/hills on the bike. I cycle by the jungle gym where I do pullups, pushups, crunches, squats. Great workout. Hate to see winter come where I'll be back inside at the gym
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    Try Convict Conditioning- start at the BEGINNING moves. it works.

    consistency is key. Go by how you feel, not by what the scale says.
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    On fats: less saturated fat, and more olive oil. It still fills you up, and it is a lot better for the blood vessels. Anything high unsaturated, with a lot of monounsaturated fats are good. This even includes goose fat, (mostly available in Europe from what I understand), and some chicken fat.

    On vegetables: loose leaf vegetables; limit starchy vegetables.

    On meats: preferably the leaner the better in terms of muscle protein, but a little fatty meat once in a while isn't going to kill you; especially if you work in a cold weather environment. Just ask those who work in a really cold weather environment. The colder the weather that you work in the more calories that you burn.

    On fruits: limit fruit intake.

    On nuts: they are great for you, but still fattening. Use wisely.

    On water: drink lots of it. Otherwise tea; lemon drinks without sweetener.

    If you must have sweetener: stick to natural sweeteners, but limit your intake of those.

    On diabetes: it is no joke. The fatter I got the more I was likely to get it. Unfortunately since it is in my blood line I probably would have developed it anyway. But, that is not always the case with everyone. Keep your blood sugar checked. I refer you to the American Diabetes Association for that one. Ever since I went insulin dependent I gained weight like crazy. I am now figuring out how to loose weight while being on insulin. However, using outside insulin to get my sugar down is a lot better than having my body torn up from high blood sugar.

    I don't always eat junk, in fact it is seldom. But, I do have a weakness for chocolate, and love nuts. It is just that I have eaten too much of both items.

    I keep beer down to no more than a few per week, and it is the weaker stuff now. Beer in limited amounts is actually good for the kidneys, and red wine is good for the body. Limited amounts of strong spirits like bourbon is OK as well.

    Here recently I have eaten too many of grains, but grains can have a place in a healthy diet. It means for me that I have to limit how many grains I take in. If you want to do without grains altogether, but want some of the nutrient benefits of whole grains I recommend green food in either pill or powder form.

    Also, I get in a lot of probiotics from dairy kefir. It doesn't have near the sugar of milk, because the kefir starter through lactic acid fermentation eats up the sugar. It is good for most people. Just don't add a bunch of sweet stuff to it, (like people do with yogurt), unless that is your dessert at meal time. If it becomes dessert you cannot have much of it. If you make your own, try to keep it at not much over 24 hour period. It will produce some alcohol, especially if you let it sit for a couple of days or so. The shorter processing time produces a product with much less alcohol, (although the longer sitting stuff usually isn't over 2 percent abv to my knowledge).

    Other than the dietary stuff I usually go by, I now have to figure out a exercise regimen that will allow my insulin pump site to stay in the body. I will probably start with a little more walking.

    Remember that you need to have the proper amount of rest, or it will also contribute to weight gain.
  16. Great book. I've been working my way through the steps and gaining consistently. I'm using the P90X cardio workouts once or twice a week to supplement along with martial arts classes two nights per week.
  17. The past few weeks I've gone back to three squares plus one snack each day and have been dropping some weight and getting stronger.

    I stalled over the years trying to eat anywhere from 5-6 "small meals" each day and felt like I was always eating or carrying pre made foods with me everywhere I went. Now I make sure to eat three balanced meals and adjust the calories accordingly. I then either grab a Kind bar, protein shake or Chobani Greek yogurt with some fruit for a snack.

    I read that eating food every 2-3 hours keeps your stomach full and doesn't allow your digestive system to empty out and replenish the digestive enzymes you need to work the right way. It felt odd going back to eating that way after being conditioned over the past 20 years not to, but I am feeling better.
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    You know we are giving you all this advice but I'm no physical trainer. :whistling:

    A couple sessions with a nutritionist and a trainer at a gym is probably not a bad idea. You'll have the cash with the sodas and fast food you cut out. :supergrin:

    Cheap route is a Jillian Michaels DVD and some DB's at home.
    (laugh, but she kicks my a** after 45min.)
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  19. The doc told me that if I do my part, exercise and get the weight off, my diabetes could possibly even go away completely. I have high blood pressure as well, and am definitely overweight. I also don't sleep worth a crap anymore. I know it's all related, and now that I have more time on my hands, I will address it. I'm starting with gradual changes in diet and an exercise bike, and intend to add an elliptical machine eventually, once I toughen back up. It's either these options combined, or start going downhill.
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    Sep 3, 2009
    241 on the scale at the rec center today....little bit at a time.