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AZ Deer hunting..

Discussion in 'Hunting, Fishing & Camping' started by Compy, Jul 15, 2002.

  1. Compy

    Compy CompensateWhat?

    Feb 28, 2000
    Neither here nor there
    I just found out I got drawn for Deer in AZ! Now I need to buy a rifle/optics, etc.

    So, what do I need? I'm thinking this is a good excuse to get that 7mm :)
  2. Guest

    50 BMG revolver...

  3. Guest

    seriously tho , a 260rem, 7-08, 308 , or similar is really all you need for the puny lil'deer you get in az...
    1.5 X 5 leopuld/burris /bushnell/weaver scope on a light 20" barrel carbine so you can pack it all day w/out killing yourself...
    say a 5 lb rifle with another 1.5 lb for scope,rings, mounts, sling etc... it can be done...
    actually never needed more than a 30-06 for any deer on this planet...;)
  4. Compy

    Compy CompensateWhat?

    Feb 28, 2000
    Neither here nor there
    How about one of those Marlin 1895G guide guns in 45-70? Will I be engaging any mutant deer over 150-200 yards?

    I guess I should have stated this is my first time hunting anything. Any help is appreciated.
  5. mpol777

    mpol777 Feral Member

    Jul 23, 2001
    Cochise County, AZ
    congratulations. i missed on all three that i put in for deer, bear and elk. hopefully i'll get something in the spring.

    as for a gun i like the rem 700 ADL. it's a no nonsense hunting rig. i have on in .30-06 i was going to use. a good scope and some rings and you're all set. i would go with a 3-9x40 zeiss conquest. but you could save a little bit of money and go with maybe a leupold VXII or VXI line scope.

    the zeiss runs about $400 and so does the gun.
  6. mpol777

    mpol777 Feral Member

    Jul 23, 2001
    Cochise County, AZ
    sounds like you need to get started on some scouting. the range is really going to depend on the terrain. i wouldn't think that you'd be much over 200 yards, but i'm not sure where you're hunting.
  7. Compy

    Compy CompensateWhat?

    Feb 28, 2000
    Neither here nor there
    Zone 1008 (My first pick!) in Flagstaff. I'ts actually RIGHT where I am considering buying some property. (Assuming everything goes to plan!)
  8. Guest

    most people use WAAAAYYYYYYYY too much gun for deer,hell my 50/110/460 will take nearly ANYTHING worth shooting and i don't think it's suitable for deer...too much meat damage...the guidegun is a great gun but overkill for my previous post said a medium caliber is all you need ( 6.5 to 7.62 non magnum ) i have hunted deer with everything from a mini-14 to a 69 cal ml...get a light rifle and a low power variable scope, it's really all you need... or if you want to get deer at extreme ranges a suggestion is enclosed...;f
  9. 45acp4me

    45acp4me Pissed puppet

    May 11, 2001
    Farmington, MI
    The 45-70 is a great rifle for 50 to 125 yards and 150 being about the furthest I'd feel confortable taking a shot with. Bullet drop becomes a big factor with the 45/70, beyond that it's more like lobbing in mortar rounds. For a brush gun it can't be beat.

    I'd go the .308 or 7mm rem route, I didn't list the .30.06 since it isn't as acurate a cartridge as the .308 and if you want more zip the 7mm has more to offer. Both are also acceptable varmint rounds if you ever feel like blasting small mammals. The Remington 700 series rifles are tried and true, but I'll also be looking at the Sig/Blaser and Sako rifles myself for next season.

    As far as scopes go there are two words, Leupold and Burris.

  10. Compy

    Compy CompensateWhat?

    Feb 28, 2000
    Neither here nor there
    Thanks for the help guys. .308 would probably be the most practical. Any thoughts on using a semi-auto for hunting? Perhaps I could use this excuse to get that DSA FAL I have been lusting over!

    Other than the Rem 700, how does the Savage, Winchester, Colt and others stack up? I am looking to spend $400-600 on the gun and probably another $400 on good glass. I would probably design and build my own mounts just because I can! :)

    OR, How about a 10mm upper for my AR? :)
  11. mpol777

    mpol777 Feral Member

    Jul 23, 2001
    Cochise County, AZ
    rem 700 and win 70 and savage 110 - 116 series are all good shooters. i don't have any experience with colt. the savage will be less expensive and with a little work on the trigger is a great hunting gun.

    my rem 700 .30-06 shoots about 1MOA, my dad's win 70 in .25-06 shoots about the same and my savage 12 in .22-250 shoots close to .5 moa. so accuracy is about the same in all. quality is about the same too. my old man's winchester is nice and pretty with a nice wood stock, while mine are black composite, but a pretty gun doesn't help you're shooting.

    i'll bring my rifles to the GT shoot on saturday if you're gonna be there. i still have to sight in my new scope on the savage, but it'll give you something to check out.
  12. comp, dont rule out browning a bolt II you can get em in all those calibers.
  13. Compy

    Compy CompensateWhat?

    Feb 28, 2000
    Neither here nor there
  14. comp, i know absolutely nothing about howa rifles, however it looks pretty sweet and seems to be priced right, and i know your into camo.
  15. Guest

    howa is a damm good gun for the $$$ some searches and see how many of your "big" gun companies rifles are built by howa.... oh ,yeah fnfal para carbine makes a wonderful deer gun... kali won't let us hunt with them anymore ,so they sit in the safe...;Q
  16. IPSC-1

    IPSC-1 Insta-Gator

    Apr 10, 2002
    Might I suggest one of the Ruger compact bolt rifles
    in 308. My choice in optics would be a 2x7 loopie. It comes
    with rings and they are great little guns.
    Anyone who has ever seen what a 30-06 will do to
    a 160lb whitetail (under 100 yds) knows that 30-06 is too much gun...and anyone who's seen the same 160 lb whitetail shot with
    a .223 knows it ain't enough gun. A .30 caliber bullet at
    moderate velocity is a proven whitetail getter. If you go
    with a 45-70 or similiar you will inevitably see
    a nice buck at 250 yds and be tempted to waste ammo
    shooting at him. Save yourself the trouble and get a
    .30 caliber rifle and use hunting ammo that the gun shoots
    Have fun and always be sure of your target and whats beyond.
    When it dought, don't take the shot. .02 derived from many a
    day in the woods.
  17. Quake Guy

    Quake Guy Superior Member

    Mar 12, 2001
    What kind of deer, if its coues deer. I suggest a B-52 and begin carpet bombing wide swaths of Arizona. You may eventually hit on. Maybe...

    Serioulsy though, I did get the worse unit in the state to hunt those, so better luck to you regardless of the type.

    Do you envision hunting a lot? Want one rifle to hunt everything? Like to target practice? How much do you want to spend with scope?

    .308 is the only hunting round that also lets you shoot cheap surplus. You can also hunt everything short of Moose and Brown Bear on this continent with it.

    If you want a two gun aresnal to handle everything without overdoing it on the smaller critters, I suggest a .280 Remington or smaller for Deer and smaller animals. A 30/06 or larger for everything else...

    For guns, please buy American. If we stop buying American made long arms, there will be no more gun industry left in this country.

    And yes this coming from someone on Glocktalk. Longarms are a different matter, Americans build plenty of fine longarms that are competitive with foreign offerings...
  18. Thom


    May 4, 2000
    Chandler, Arizona
    You could try a pump 30-06. I've got a Remington that has taken 2 elk in 2 years. One shot each. One shot was a little over 125 yards and the other was a neck shot inside of 30 yards. The 180 grain bullet delivered where and how it was supposed to, one shot one kill. Different loads for different sized animals.
    So now I try with the bow and arrow. Wish me luck in 6A south for a clean cow shot.

  19. redskyzatknight

    redskyzatknight Glock S&W Kahr

    Oct 11, 2001
    The Gunsmine State
    if you were serious about a marlin 45-70, you might want to check the ballistics on a 444. only problem is the 444's don't come in s.s. good luck on your first hunt!
  20. rfb45colt

    rfb45colt safe-cracker

    Mar 1, 2002
    WI's Northwoods
    You asked for our personal opinions, so here's mine, which I've gotten from 38 years of deer hunting. The best all around deer caliber is .308. A good pick for a .308 rifle is the Remington Model 7. Light, short, and accurate. The Savage bolt-guns are very accurate and priced well. If you want a semi-auto, get a Browning. Remingtons are OK, too. I prefer the Remingtons, but that choice is mainly because the Remington spare magazines cost about 1/3 that of the Browning's, 10 rounders are available (for purposes other than deer hunting) and magazine swaps are much easier and quicker.

    If you'll be hunting in terrain where shots over 100 yards are possible, you'll need good quality glass (you already know that). Most guys say Leupold is the best. I'd rather have a Nikon. The Nikons I've seen were actually much better in low light than Leupolds, and I'd choose one of the Nikons over a Leupold... but you can't go wrong with either.

    My own .308 deer rifle is a Remington 742 carbine, synthetic stock, Williams peep sight on the rear, and fire-sight on the front. I hunt where there's very heavy cover, shooting distances very rarely exceed 75 yards, and there's usually lots of snow (which ALWAYS finds it's way onto the scope lens). Bad combination for scope use, so I prefer peep sights on a rifle. I use my own handloads, but for factory ammo, Federal Premium 165gr (for both .308 & .30-06) is the most accurate I've ever seen, in any rifle. My .243, .280, .308, and .30-06 ALL shoot their best with Federal Premium.