Ayers: ‘I Get Up Every Morning and Think…Today I‘m Going to End Capitalism’

Discussion in 'Political Issues' started by sbhaven, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. Bill Ayers, unrepentant domestic terrorist and from who's living room Obama launched his political career, stopped by Occupy Union Square in NYC on Friday to share his desires to end capitalism with the protesters.
    Bill Ayers: ‘I Get Up Every Morning and Think…Today I‘m Going to End Capitalism’

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  2. Of course, any GOP candidate who had such an association would have received the same rigorous scrutiny as Obama... :upeyes:

    It's amazing to think that any person trying to gain employment with the FedGov, if they had the same background as Obama, would not pass the security clearance.


  3. I bet Ayers burns his paycheck every payday.


  4. Yep -- bet he and Michael Moore get together for a regular bonfire...

  5. Paul7

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    Ayers, the gift that keeps on giving.
  6. It is a shame that Ayers friend was voted into office of POTUS. What were those voters thinking?

  7. You hit on the operative word. It wasn't "thinking" -- it was "feeling"...

  8. Good point.
  9. automatic slim

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    Isn't that guy supposed to be at Gitmo?

  10. Why isn't that guy in jail serving multiple life sentences for every thing he did?
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  11. ..........

  12. "Guilty as hell, free as a bird..." -- William Ayers

  13. aircarver

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    ....And when he says it.... Obamao's lips move .....

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  15. It's interesting how spot-on accurate Beck has been in both his analyses, and projections of future actions, of the likes of Van Jones, Ayers, Frances Fox Piven, etc.

    Imagine how much more accurate he would be if he weren't nuts... ;)


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