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Awesome deal on .357sig Gold Dot

Discussion in 'TOP GUNS *357 Sig* Club' started by sic_semper_tyrannis, Oct 29, 2012.


    This company was advertising this over on the SigForum classifieds. It is factory-new Speer Gold Dot 125gr, product code 54234, which is the hotter 1375fps loading. 1000rd case for $405. The closest price I have ever seen in YEARS was $499/case from Ammoman, but that was last year, and their price is currently $599.

    This ammo is law enforcement trade-in ammo, but the cases are still factory sealed and brand new. The story over on SigForum is that the agency switched from .357sig over to .45, so they traded in all their remaining .357sig for a discount on the new stuff.

    I ordered a couple cases, and they both arrived as-ordered, factory new, still sealed, code 54234. Just thought I would pass this along for anyone that is interested in a smoking deal on what is personally my favorite loading in this caliber. The dealer site says they have 25 cases left in stock. They are also selling individual 50rd boxes for $22.95/each, which is a good deal, but if you do the math the case price is much better.
  2. Thanks for the heads up. That's my favorite carry round as well.

  3. 3rdgen40

    3rdgen40 .45 fanatic

    May 3, 2008
    IMPORTANT: Ammunition sales are limited to Public Safety personnel and require submittal of proper credentials for order processing.

    Do they sell to the public as well?
  4. Yes, this ammo is available to everybody. That LE-only policy does not apply to any of this trade-in ammo (the same question was asked on SigForum, and the company confirmed that there are no restrictions).

    And if anyone cares, they did NOT ask for a copy of ID or other age-confirmation as other ammo sites sometimes do. Just plug in your credit card info and you're good-to-go.