Auraria PD officer injured, suspect dead

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  2. Suspect brought a katana to a gunfight.

    I hope the Officer recovers fully, but it sounds like he might have lost a finger.

  3. Prayers for a full recovery for the officer. Way to stay in the fight.
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    TBO Why so serious?

    Prayers for healing.

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  5. Prayers en route.
  6. This state has gone ****ing insane. Eff this place, it's safer in Nigeria anymore.

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  7. In the early mornings, this LEO stepped into the breach to make sure this madman with the sword didn't harm or kill any of the kids attending college there. As a result, he may have permanently lost a finger. But he stayed in the fight, as one would expect from any LEO.

    Prayers for his recovery.

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