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Attorney General announces Second Quarter 2007 CHL statistics

Discussion in 'Ohio Glockers' started by KnightOfTheOlde, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. KnightOfTheOlde

    KnightOfTheOlde BuckeyeFirearms

    Jun 26, 2006
    NorthEast Columbus Ohio
    Attorney General announces Second Quarter 2007 CHL statistics

    By Jim Irvine

    Attorney General Marc Dann has released the concealed handgun license (CHL) statistics for the second quarter of 2007. Once again, the numbers prove there is continued demand for CHL’s, and those who have a license are following the laws.

    There have been 98,989 regular, and 233 temporary emergency licenses (TEL's) issued by Ohio's 88 sheriffs since Ohio began issuing the licenses in 2004. Less than 1% of those have been suspended or revoked for any reason.

    for the full story please visit
  2. Now give us the Castle Doctrine and clear the gray language regarding liquor permit premises and CHL holders.