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Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by RumRunnerII, Jul 31, 2013.

  1. Just Monday I posted my great luck in finding a G30S plus plenty ammo both target and SD. Well it seems all news was not good news. Due to my lack of reading the Trijicon night sights are for the 20/21/29/30 and we all know the 30S is the same slide as the 36.
    The sights were installed with my main gripe being the front sight I am able to manipulate by hand. Further research revealed the front sight nut is shorter for the 36 vs the others, which is why I am able by hand to manipulate. Well here are of a few pics of the wrong sights to purchase/install.

    GL04 = Glock 20, 21, 21SF, 29, 30

    GL12 = Glock 36, 30S

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    Ruh roh.

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    Thanks for the heads up.
    Now if I could just find a 30S.
  6. What HE said. :dunno:
  7. Just carefully file the nut down in place.

    It will be fine.
  8. Manipulate the front sight? I'm not tracking what the the problem is. Is the front sight loose? Is the screw bottoming out in the sight? I put the Glock factory sights on my 30S with no problem. I like them best, because the threaded hole goes all the way through the front sight.
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    J/K!!! Thanks for the info. I want one of these but I'll just let Glock do it.
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    picture stolen for use on a latter date:supergrin:
  11. Kyle's Gunshop got a few in the other day.
    Not sure if he still has them.

    May try to give them a call and see
  12. I assume you mean the screw head is thinner? As Gperfection says, I don't know why that would allow you to "manipulate" the sight.

    On my 30s, I installed the same type Ameriglo front sight (LumiDot) that I have used on other Glocks (30sf, 34, 17, etc.) with no problems. In fact, the specific one I used on the 30s had previously been installed on a couple of other Glocks.

    However, Ameriglo screw heads measure about 0.024"... thinner than some others. I just measured three screws I have from some Heinie sights & the head thickness is about 0.035".
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  13. By manipulate I mean I am able to twist the front sight with index and thumb with little effort. Good news out of all this the factory sights are still with me. Making a trip back to shop today.
  14. Bummer about your sights. The good news is that you'll have all of this sorted out loooong before I'll have my G30S. Estimated time of purchase (due to family financial priorities)...2015! :wow::crying:
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  15. When I install the front sight, I clean the all the mating surfaces with brake cleaner and use blue locktite between the front sight and slide. Also I put a drop on the threads of the screw, before installing. Then after it's all tight, I check to make sure the sight is straight on the slide and clock as necessary. I recommend to the customer, they not shoot it much for the next 24-48 hours. After the locktite sets up everything is solid. I have found that most of the aftermarket front sights, especially Trijicon, fit very loose in the oval hole in the slide (the biggest reason I like the Glock factory sights). The locktite fills the void. If your installer just takes the sight back off and re-installs as per my instructions, you won't be manipulating the front sight anymore.
  16. By the way, this has nothing to do with the gun being a G30S. It's the same as any other Glock.
  17. I just put on Trijicon HD's on my 30s tonight. I used sights for the G19, GL101Y. No fitment issues at all. I can try and post up some pics if you want.
  18. Took it to a buddy of mines shop, he basically retightened it and used lock tight like you said Gperfection. All is well but now I have to stalk walmart til I get 500-600 target rounds
  19. Agreed. All of my Glock .45's sport the shorter rear sight (the one for the smaller frame pistols). I like the point of aim, point of impact sighting. I really don't think the large frame guns need taller rear sights. I think manufacters use taller sights, to correct folks anticipation issues. LOL!
  20. Glad it worked out. Good luck on the ammo.
  21. As stated, all you need to do is file down the screw a bit. It is too long.

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