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  1. Arson investigation is incredibly interesting. About 15 years ago my department had a retired NYFD arson investigator / fire marshal (I don't remember if they are the same thing in NYC or not) give a presentation - it was fascinating. He had an incredible slide show, using photos from fire scenes. Two things I always remember from that -- 1. Don't EVER move or touch things on scene that may be related to starting a fire, such a fuel cans, rags, bundles of paper or wood, etc. Make sure the Fire Marshall knows about them. 2. He told a story of a fire that gutted a small house. The FD put out the fire and drove away. One week later a private demolition contractor hired by the bank showed up to remove what was left of the house - and they found a burned body. It was the homeowner, a retired guy with no family, and no one knew he had been in the house. Lesson? Always do a thorough overhaul, check everything and especially everywhere.

    Don't mean to go off track with the thread, your post just reminded me of that presentation!

  2. That is interesting!
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    Would I have to move to Kentucky?

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  4. Commuting distance to wherever your duty location is, I suppose. I don't think there's a residency requirement, though.
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    18 months before I can pension here but I already purchased a place in Florida.
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    Did it for 24.5 years, Alabama State Fire Marshal's Office. Incredible career~
  8. That always sounded like a cool job. Part science part art.

    I met the one in South Salt Lake a few times. He also did safety inspections of our gas stations. He loved his job.
  9. I just started training this year. It's going to be a long haul to become qualified and competent! There are soooo many aspects of investigation to know/learn. Quite daunting when you start looking at the totality of the required training. Going to have to take small bites to finish THAT elephant!
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    My training was spread apart. I took the Certified Fire Investigator class in 1992. I then went to the Police Academy in 1997 for the Arson Investigator Certification.

    Since the CEU are the same I recertify on both.
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    Get NFPA 921. It's the current standard now especially for lawyers on cross exam.

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