Arsenal SLR-106U Pistol Range Report

Discussion in 'The Kalashnikov Klub' started by barth, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. barth

    barth six barrels

    The Silver State ammo is appears to be high end super high quality ammo.
    All copper Open Tip, 2730 FPS
    Designation: 70 grain Barnes TSX-BT (Triple Shock)
    recommended twist rate 1-8 or faster
    Excellent barrier and hunting round


    I don't own an AR.
    My AK74 has a 10.5" 1:7 chrome lined barrel.

    Trying to decide between this ammo and
    Hornady 5.56 NATO LE TAP 75 gr. BTHP T2

    And yup.
    Those kooky Bulgarians sure know how to build an AK.
    I'm glad I got a 100% Bulgarian gun.
    Manufactured and assembled at Arsenal AD (Арсенал АД) in Kazanlak.

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  2. HWI


    I keep a mag of that Hornady 75 gr TAP around for my SLR106 for home defense situations, it is an awesome round.

    As far as your feed issues are concerned, you definitely could have had an older gun that had just sat on a shelf for a while. The old SLR106(prior to the BD prefix) had feed issues directly related to the feed ramp. BD and later run smooth as butter. That would explain why they just switched it out, rather than fixing it.

  3. barth

    barth six barrels

    Hornady 75 grain bullets are considered to have a fragmentation threshold of 2200 fps +/- 50 fps.
    5.56 Tap T2 75 gr runs ~2449 fps from a 10.5" barrel.
    Looks like it's still running ~2214 fps from 10.5" at 100 yards.

    I'm thinking for 0-50 yards CQC from my 10.5" 1:7,
    5.56 TAP T2 75 gr should be close to perfect.
    I've got three 30 round Circle 10 waffle mags loaded and ready.
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  4. .38 super

    .38 super Observer

    Тhanks for the info, I'm very familiar with Barnes bullets for pistol ammo, all my guns at home are loaded with ammo with Barnes bullets, I wasn't sure about the one you mention... I did Google it but the site didn't say anything about the bullet specs... Also, I didn't know there is a Barnes bullet for 5.56... Anyway, I'm glad you're enjoying your gun... I still think that you'll have a blast if you convert it to SBR, of course if they allow you to have one in Costa Rica...
    Kazanlak is a beautiful small town in the middle of the Balkan - Stara Planina (Old Mountain)...
    Most of the weapon building industry in Bulgaria is located there including Factory 10.

    Greetings !
  5. barth

    barth six barrels

    Costa Rica gun laws suck.
    I'm back in Florida.
    I can do the SBR thingy with the tax stamp and registration.
    Looks like it wouldn't be too hard;

    The worst part is I think I'd have to do the 10 US parts 922r compliance too.
    Right now my baby is 100% Bulgarian parts through and through.
    It's technically a pistol you see.
    Call me kooky, but I really like the gun being a purebred.
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  6. .38 super

    .38 super Observer

    You are right, I never taught about the parts thing... Well, than just buy another gun... There are plenty offerings of AKSU in the original 7.62 cal. you'll love the feeling of the small, powerful package and the metal stock breaking your shoulder... :supergrin:
    If you are close to Tampa Bay area, we should get together on some of the open ranges to shoot those babies...
  7. I thought if you registered the gun as an SBR you didn't have to do 922r?
  8. barth

    barth six barrels

    I just assumed you would have to do the 922r thingy.
    We all know what happens when you assume.
    From this post it appears you are correct.
    If that's the case I may SBR after all...
    Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
    Washington, D.C. 20226

    MAR 22, 1994


    Mr XXX
    City, State

    Dear Mr. XXX:

    This refers to your letter of February 28, 1994, in which you
    inquire as to whether the making of certain National Firearm Act
    (NFA) weapons is prohibited by Title 18 United States Code
    (U.S.C.), Chapter 44, Section 922(r). The weapon in question is a
    FN/FAL type firearm having a barrel length of less than 16 inches
    which is assembled from an imported British L1A1 parts kit and a
    domestically manufactured frame or receiver.

    Title 18 U.S.C., Chapter 44, Section 922(r) provides that it shall
    be unlawful for any person to assemble from imported parts any
    semiautomatic rifle or shotgun which is identical to any rifle or
    shotgun prohibited from importation under 18 U.S.C., Chapter 44,
    Section 925(d)(3), as not being particularly suitable for or
    readily adaptable to sporting purposes.

    However, the Bureau has previously determined that the lawful
    making of an NFA weapon would not violate Section 922(r), since the
    section only addresses the assembly of "nonsporting" firearms, and
    not the making of NFA weapons. Therefore, the lawful making of a
    short barreled rifle would not be precluded by Section 922(r).

    If you decide to proceed with your project, it will be necessary
    for you to obtain prior approval by first submitting an ATF Form 1
    (Application To Make and Register a Firearm) and paying the
    appropriate $200 making tax. Additional information relative to
    this procedure may be obtained from the following source:

    Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
    NFA Branch, Room 5300
    650 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
    Washington DC 20026

    We trust that the foregoing was responsive to your inquiry. If we
    may be of any further assistance, please contact us.

    Sincerely yours,
    Edward M. Owen, Jr.
    Chief, Firearms Technology Branch
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  9. barth

    barth six barrels

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  10. What range?

  11. Do my eyes deceive me, or does it look like the folder trunion is already there, and its just got a back plate with a sling swivel installed?
  12. barth

    barth six barrels

    I think so.
    Don't know enough about it to be sure.
    I'm really enjoying running a two point sling with the gun as is.

    Considering getting a second gun for SBR.
    The milled 7.62 Arsenal SAM7K looks interesting.
    I'm thinking of a traditional under folder though.
    Don't know what the deal is on doing that kind of SBR conversion
    on a milled receiver???

    I guess this is what the factory SAM7K SBR looks like?
    Maybe this is the way to go?
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  13. .38 super

    .38 super Observer

    If I may, you should consider this particular Arsenal model:,62sar-m9f.htm

    This is a same rifle, modified by a friend of mine in Bulgaria... He changed only few components, bottom line price ( except the optics), simply because he didn't need more from the rifle, but it is outstanding model, here is the picture of his actual rifle, full size so you can check details if you're interested:

    I understand that you're looking at SBR model and this is ful size rifle. I don't know the exact Arsenal model for the SBR version, but this is basically the same receiver, same rifle in SBR size, that I had a chance to hold in the last year's SHOT show in LV, these are my picture and video, I asked one of the by-standers to operate the safety for me, it is absolutely great IMHO, works very smooth and convenient for right strong hand:

    Here is the short video:

    I am not a huge fan of the caliber, but the rifle is outstanding, I don't remember if they had it in 5.45, I believe the milled receiver is only for the heavier classic 7.62 AK caliber, but if I go for SBR AK, I think this would be my choice...

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