Arsenal SLR-106U Pistol Range Report

Discussion in 'The Kalashnikov Klub' started by barth, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. barth

    barth six barrels

    Ran 240 5.56 NATO Federal American Eagle XM193 FMJBT 55 Grain flawlessly and very accurate..
    The real surprise was the trigger on this AK.
    It's outstanding.

    Employee came in to see WTH I was shooting.
    He said it shook the walls - LOL!

    Then some boxes of Silver State Armory 70gr 5.56mm TSX.
    I'm getting FTF into the feed ramp about 1-10.
    And it looks like the feed ramp is shaving the tips of my longer
    HP ammo. _(*&+_)(**&_.

    I thought these AKs would run on anything?
    Maybe the 5.56/.223 was a bad idea?

    Guess I'm shipping this pup back to the mother-ship for service.

    I've read some of these guns can be hit and miss.
    But the good ones rock!

    (I feel like I bought a gen 4 Glock)
    CRAP - Sad now.

    AK friends wish me luck in getting this thing running right.
    Overall quality of the gun seems outstanding.
    If I can get it to run reliable I'll be very happy with this little blaster.

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  3. Rick305


    Hey man I have a saiga .223 fully converted and have never had a single malfunction -- go to the saiga12 forums and they will tell you exactly what's going on with ur krink , it's an awesome gun I'm dying to purchase one myself !

    Pm me if you want me to post it for you on there

  4. barth

    barth six barrels

    This is my first AK.
    I own high end pistols - Sig / H&K.
    And the quality of this Krinkov blows me away.

    From what I can tell the feed ramp needs to be worked on.
    I can see metal shavings at the feed ramp.
    Seen pics and descriptions of the fix.
    But the gun is spanking new and under warranty.
    Looks like others have sent them back to Arsenal and they
    opened the feed ramp and fixed the problem.

    So I'm calling Arsenal today and see if I can get this covered
    under warranty.

    I really love this gun.
    Thanks for posting.

    I've got 9 boxes of NATO 75 gr TAP T2 on the way.
    Got to get this thing running right!

    I'll keep everyone posted on how things go.
  5. barth

    barth six barrels

    Krinkov is on it's way back to the mother ship for service.
    5-7 weeks and I'll get to field test my baby once again.

    I love this gun.
    And have high hopes she will come back hungry and with a Bad Attitude .

    I'll be back with an update.
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  6. .38 super

    .38 super Observer

    I assume you don't have picture of the compensator ?
    Does it look like this or it's a real compensator ?
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  7. barth

    barth six barrels

    I thought you were kidding?
    It's a flash hider, not a compensator, and it's fake.

    SLR-106U/UR PISTOL - Import, 5.56 NATO caliber, stamped receiver, short gas system, front sight block / gas block combination, non-functional pinned on flash hider goes over the 10 1/2 in. chrome lined hammer forged barrel, black polymer furniture. Comes with one 5-round magazine, sling, oil bottle, and cleaning kit. Option with Scope rail.

    The gun weights ~5.5 lbs and is very controllable with 5.56/.223 ammo.
    It is loud and produces substantial muzzle flash.
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  8. .38 super

    .38 super Observer

    Well, it depends how you looking at it - the expansion camera definitely creates higher pressure that is needed to cycle the action and even on a real gun this thing does not hide any flash, but you are right - I missed the fake "flash hider" and I call it wrong... This is what happens when you write stuff in the middle of the night...
    I still don't get it why they would do fake flash hider if they could just put that a real-one up front...?
    I guess it goes with the "pistol" designation that I'm not very familiar with...
    It's a good choice to get a AK in same caliber as AR, you'll always find ammo...
  9. barth

    barth six barrels

    This is my first AK and I'm not real knowledgeable about it.
    Being a pistol with a 10.5" barrel it's not considered a SBR (class III).
    And it doesn't need to be 922r compliant. So it's 100% Bulgarian parts.
    Manufactured and assembled in Bulgaria, by Arsenal of Bulgaria and imported as a complete firearm.

    The fake flash hider is just for looks.
    The gun has a short Krinkov gas system.
    So it runs reliable with a short barrel on standard back pressure.
    I think it's supposed to look like a super shorty Krink with an 8.5 inch barrel and a flash hider on the nose.
    But this pup has a 10.5 inch with the fake wrapped around and pined on the longer barrel.

    If the flash hider was real,
    it would extend the barrel and make it ~4 inches longer.
    I like it being about 20 inches over all length.
    And prefer the better velocity from 10.5 vs 8.5 barrel.

    I'm disappointed it won't run HP ammo.
    But Arsenal Inc Nevada is honoring the one year warranty and is willing to repair.

    I can't wait to get her back and hit the range!
    And am real happy she runs on domestic ammo.
    Wish me luck with my Commemorative FU Obummer AK!
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  10. No it wouldn't. Muzzle devices thread onto the front sight block, not the barrel. So if the flash hider wasn't fake, the barrel would be shorter (end at the FSB).

    The general consensus is that Arsenal screwed the pooch on this one, there's no reason to have a long barrel and fake muzzle device. Coupled with the lack of the latch on the front left for a folding stock, the damn thing doesn't even make a good SBR starter, which should have been Arsenal's original intention.
  11. barth

    barth six barrels

    I've read where muzzle brakes and flash hiders attach to the
    front sight block. But the physical tip of the barrel extends to the end of the fake flash suppressor. So if I took off the fake
    flash suppressor the barrel still wouldn't be any shorter.
    With or without a real muzzle beak / Flash suppressor???
    Am I missing something?

    Also, will the real KVAR Krink 5.56 mussel brake / flash suppressors fit on my Arsenal SLR-106U?
    Or do I, like I suspect, have to change the front sight block for these parts?

    Mine has;
    "SLR-106UR model comes with a front sight block / gas block combination and short gas system (“Krinkov”)."
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  12. .38 super

    .38 super Observer

    This was also my general understanding... I'm talking from the top of my head but 5.56 is higher pressure round than the original 5.45x39 and I assume Arsenal went with "longer" barrel just to simplify things, the original barrel length with 5.45 round would require one of the two muzzle devices...
    IMHO, I would prefer the one on the bottom picture, especially the version that Noveske manufactures because is designed to create backpressure better than the first-one, but both of them are fine...

    Bart, I hope Arsenal fix the minor glitch with the feeding ramp, I'm sure you got what you want and will enjoy shooting it, thanks for the clearing the lingo with the barrel length and "pistol" designation... :wavey:
    I did look again at the pictures and came back to fix my post - the top compensator/flash hider/muzzle device, call it anyway you want, should not be used in shorter barrels, it will not do any good, the original Krink ( hate this term...) device is the one that should be used, don't pay attention on 7.62 designation...:
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  13. barth

    barth six barrels

    Thanks for the extra info.
    The gun cycles perfectly with FMJ .223 and NATO 5.56 ammo
    and the 10.5" barrel with no attachments.
    It was designed, manufactured and shipped that way from Bulgaria.
    I'm starting to think it's not broken and I should leave it alone - LOL!

    Also, even though everyone talks about Krinkov style guns, in reality;
    "the word “Krinkov” has no meaning in Russian and that it’s a term apparently conjured up in the United States"

    My understainding is that Russian soldiers’ jargon for the AKS-74U
    includes the following: “Ksyukha,” which is derived from AKS-
    74U and sounds like a girl’s name (the nickname for Xenya);
    “Suchok,” which comes from AKS-74U and in Russian means
    “little bough;” “Suchka,” which in Russian means “little b1tch;”
    and “Okurok,” the Russian word for “cigarette butt.”
    As just stated, in the Russian language “Krinkov” is a nonsense word, devoid of any meaning.

    It's interesting...

    Anyway thanks again for your reply.
    I'm feeling much better about Arsenal Inc of Nevada fixing my gun.
    All it really needs is some feed ramp rework for HPs.
    I'm getting excited to get my baby back!
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  14. If Arsenal Bulgaria had not, for unknown reasons, designed it with a fake hider and long barrel, the barrel would be ~8".

    Again for reasons that make absolutely no sense to anyone, the 106U pistol does not have a threaded FSB. The fake muzzle device is pressed on. If you wanted to get a working muzzle device you would have to replace the FSB with a standard threaded one, cut the barrel down to standard length, and then add either the cone booster or Bulgy "Beer Can" flash hider. Probably the booster to aid in functioning.
  15. barth

    barth six barrels

    That's what I thought.
    What a bunch of effort to fix something that's not broken?
    It is strange with the fake crap flash hider and longer barrel?
    And the brand new SAM7K - 7.62x39mm looks like the same thing?

    Oh well,
    the short gas system and 10.5" barrel,
    with no flash hider / muzzle brake,
    works just fine with 5.56/.223 ammo.
    And I'm guessing I'm getting a ~100/200 fps more velocity
    from the 10.5 compared to a ~8" barrel.

    I think I'll leave the puppy alone for now...
    Thanks again.


    My totally unsubstantiated theory on the fake flash hider?
    The gun seems to be designed to fly under the radar of assault weapons for importation into the US.
    It's not an SBR, doesn't have to be 922r compliant and
    actually ships with a 5 round mag.

    Technically it ships as a low capacity semi auto pistol - LOL!
    No flash hider, bayonet lug...
    to make it transform into an evil super killing machine.
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  16. .38 super

    .38 super Observer

    Ha ha ha... you're learning Russian already... "Krink" has his roots in Afghan war, if I remember right, I have to dig around little bit to find out what they meant by this...
    "Suchka" is what they usually call it, I call it just AKS-U ('U" for "short" in Russian - Укорочений )... With stock they are great guns, kinda loud with the short barrel but...
    Great info in English has Marko Vorobiev ( ) you can find his articles in some G&A "The Book of AK" issues, he explains about the shorty...
    Too bad you guys cannot read Russian, there are great links in some of the Russian forums and sites, they are some good guys there that are living encyclopedia on those shorties...:
    Here is a SpecNaz's Manual :
    Maybe some of those sites could be translated by Google...

    In regard of your gun - just as you do, I would not bother at all about the fake flash hider... It is a very controllable round in general, with or without flash hider it would not matter, I would prefer to be SBR because of the stock option but obviously you have other priorities and I understand the point...
    On AK I would always go for the smaller round, they didn't changed the whole setup by accident... I got what they call a "Polish Tantal" rifle, which has very little to do with the polish gun, it has US made barrel and receiver, but I was looking specifically for this.
    It will not accept also the nice Krebs/K-Var muzzle device because of the longer barrel ( something that I was also looking for), as you can see in my case, even I can fit the device, it will not function properly because muzzle end falls in the middle of the expansion chamber, instead in the beginning...
    Bottom is the original polish brake.
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  17. barth

    barth six barrels

    Sent my Arsenal SLR-106U back to the mother ship to
    fix FTF issues with hollow point ammo on January 9.
    Just three weeks later the gun is back in my hands.
    Wow that was fast.
    But Arsenal didn't just give me the warranty service I expected.
    I got a spanking new replacement pistol!
    With just field strip and lube I can easily see the feed ramp is much improved.

    Off to the range with boxes of;
    Silver State Armory 5.56 70 gr Barnes LF TSX BT
    Silver State Armory 5.56 77 gr HPBT
    Winchester Ranger .223 64 gr Power-Point
    Winchester Ranger Law Enforcement 69 GR BTHP.
    Federal TRU .223

    This bad boy eats anything.
    I couldn't be happier with Arsenal Customer Service.
    It just doesn't get any better than that.
    This gun ROCKS!
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  18. How does the feed ramp look improved vs the last one?
  19. barth

    barth six barrels

    It's clearly deeper, wider, and more open.
    With a much improved angle for feeding.
    I can see the difference easily just looking at it.
    I've read that some of the very early SLR 5.56 guns had
    feed ramp issues.
    Although bought mine NIB recently.
    It may have been one of those early un-sold guns?
    I'm just guessing.
    For whatever reason Arsenal chose to flip me a NIB later
    made replacement gun.

    This one is absolutely flawless right out of the box.
    The very first break in rounds were hundreds of hollow point
    and soft point.
    I ran the FMJ at the end of the range session.
    Not the start.

    This thing is strait up bombproof.
    Just like a quality AK should be.

    I'm a Happy Camper with this first for me AK.
    And Arsenal is all aces in my book.
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  20. You picked a non-standard AK to start off with, but I'm glad it worked out. Arsenal has done right by me, I love my SGL21-61. They seem to have one of the best reps in the industry.
  21. .38 super

    .38 super Observer

    Ha ha ha... I'm glad my Bulgarian boys did it right !

    Couple quick questions: How do you like the Silver State ammo, the one with the Barnes 70gr bullets ? Are those the solid copper bullets ? Do you shoot those in AR and what is the twist of the barrel ?

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