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  1. Some guy asked me if I was interested in his AR just a few days ago. We didn't get far enough to even know what type it was. I asked him what he was trying to get for it? He was somewhere North of $2k. I told him I would have to pass.

    I do know another who payed about $2,300 just weeks ago for a slightly used one.

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  2. that same thing happened in 94 around here with a local gun shop, two years later they went out of business. they had been in business for over thirty years but the locals that supported them before that quit.

  3. G23c

    double or nothing! :cool:
  4. Got two emails from BCM today, one for a upper in stock and on for BCGs in stock. PSA had uppers in stock yesterday. I heard BCM had them in stock yesterday as well.

    I have gotten spring kits, mags, ammo and other AR parts the past two weeks all at MSRP as well. Things are looking better, not good or great but better. This is exactly how 2008/2009 turned and started to get better.

    With production ramped up fully as it is guns, gear and ammo will arrive on shelves and outpace demand eventually this year IMO.
  5. I went to a gun shop around an hour away from my house today. They had 5 or 6 ar's, but the prices were like 1700 or more for all of them. They had base Colt 6720's for 1700 before tax. Clydes, one of my lgs, sells those new right now for 1300 when they have em in stock. And thats after the 150 price increase they put on them after the scare.
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    Haldor Retired EE

    Would you be willing to part with the scope? I have been looking for that exact scope.
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    Problem is that if you are like the 15 other people I heard from, that email for an in stock BCM BCG got to you 3+ hours after they actually went back in stock on the website...and they only lasted on the wesbsite for 21 minutes. And I am fairly certain that those 21 minutes are the only time this year a BCM BCG has been available from BCM. And they were $225 + about $13 in shipping.

    The PSA uppers lasted about as long, IIRC.

    Eventually this year? Probably so, yes. But it's barely February. :sad:
  8. No doubt they sold quickly but the fact that they even had them is a sign IMO. Just as in 08/09 it was totally dry, then a small trickle, then a stream and then a flood of stuff on the market.
  9. The delay in the email didn't happen to everyone, it's some kind of software glitch or network issue with the service BCM uses for those updates. Primary Arms uses the same system, and they have had the same problem in the past.

    Also, that was not the first time they were in stock this year, as I can remember at least one batch in January.
  10. Warp


    Of course they have them. I mean, it's not like production completely's not like they are releasing many (any??) complete rifles...and it's not like any of their 'complete' uppers have included BCGs recently, either.

    21 minutes of availability one time when they hadn't been on the website, I don't think, since mid-late December...not really very available.

    There are just too many email addresses signed up, I am sure.

    And it's not that I am complaining about it as I have been as fortunate as anybody regarding picking up BCM stuff when it flashed into stock this year, but, well, BCM stuff from BCM just isn't something you can really count on or tell other people to count on. Unless you are looking at a ~6 month window, anyway.

  11. Tell you what, lets bet to settle this.

    If by July 4th 2013 I can find a complete AR in stock at MSRP you have to buy if for me. If I can not find one I will admit I was wrong. Deal? :tongueout:
  12. Warp


    I know people that found complete AR's in stock at regular prices last week, including Colts (Walmart still gets them).

    I found a complete AR in stock at a regular price ($799) in mid January.

    I bought two BCM BCG's in mid/late December for $159 each.

    I bought a stripped Aero Precision lower for $99 shipped in December.

    I bought a BCM complete upper (16" middy) for $459 less than 2 weeks ago.

    I bought one of the $225 BCM BCG's on Friday.

    It's hard to do and takes great timing/luck, but is certainly possible.

    It is not something that can be relied on at this time or in the near future.
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  13. It's kinda like a scavenger hunt :) heck I don't even need anything but I keep looking for thing instock. I have not bought any when I fine them either, weird huh? I might build a AR once this mess settles down. I would like a 2nd 6.8 AR or maybe a 6.5 one. Not dead set on it though so I can wait.
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  15. G23c

    just at Academy and they had ion stock, a bushmaster C15 ($725) and a Windham AR ($100) and about 3 mossberg 500's ($320).
  16. Warp


    I would personally recommend against buying a Bushmaster.
  17. Why?

    Not trolling, just curious.
  18. I think we are seeing things coming into stock, selling out in most cases but coming back into stock. That is exactly how the 2008/09 shortage started it's end. Also prices on the second hand market are dropping. Both signs of the end of the madness. Now we still have a LONG way to go before it's back to normal but I think it is starting to end.

    I would be fine buying a Bushmaster. In fact I might pick up a ACR when this mess is over :)
  19. Warp


    There are higher quality AR15 type options out there, often for the exactly same price, or just a tad bit more.
  20. Morris


    This was posted in one of our local guns for sale website ( . . .

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