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ARs on the shelf

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by 1canvas, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. I was surprized at a local GS today when I seen about 10 different ARs on the shelf for about 100.00 more than the price before the scare.
  2. 3rdgen40

    3rdgen40 .45 fanatic

    May 3, 2008
    I bet all the panic buyers that were stupid enough to pay up to $3,000 for a plain jane AR are starting to kick their selves right about now...:upeyes:

  3. I hear ya, I was thinking about that when I seen them.
    this local shop is really good and didn't raise their prices. they sell a lot of guns and when everyone was gouging they didn't. that will pay big for them over time.
  4. Ruggles


    Jun 13, 2005
    I think we are the very end of this craziness, just about to start getting back to normal. I overpaid for some 5.56mm ammo but nothing else during this mess. I think ARs will be back in stock first, then ammo and mags and then individual AR parts.
  5. Nemesis.


    May 13, 2010
    I dunno. Dicks, et al, still don't have 22 lr ammo.

    I didn't overpay for anything, but I went ahead and bought some competition 22 lr ammo from Midway. Because of the quality control on that ammo, it always has been more expensive.
  6. chewybaca67


    Apr 26, 2006
    New Mexico
    I was at an Albq. Gunshop today looking to sell my Winchester 94 and they were packed of course. But the guy in front of me was trying to trade his AR for a $2000.00 tac job bolt action in .308. The gun shop gal told him they couldn't do cuz they believed the AR prices are going to go way down soon. It ain't gospel, but I' sure as hell glad I have what I've had since the Slick Willy sunset and cast/reload my own shootin' stuff.
  7. Ruggles


    Jun 13, 2005
    No doubt, ammo is still impossible to find but it will return. Production is at full capacity I would guess and we will see it hitting the shelves within the next month or two.

    ARs are starting to slowly show back up in shops around here.

    Prices are dropping on the ole 6920. I don't think either of these NIB 6920s will hit $2000. A couple of weeks ago they would have hit $2200-$2300. It's a start back to pre-mess times anyways.

    EODLRD AF Veteran

    Nov 2, 2003
    Screw Dicks. With how they almost immediately jumped on the gun grabber bandwagon and stopped selling ARs right after SH, they will never get a dime of my money.
  9. 12131

    12131 Monkeyboy CLM

    Nov 17, 2006
    God's Country (Texas)
    Everything has a breaking/saturation point.
  10. itisbruno

    itisbruno Devious Member CLM

    Mar 6, 2005
    Raccoon City
    Why are you sellin such a nice rifle??

    I need to learn to do that, but it is nice to be sittin on lake city .223 that I paid $154/1000 years ago when I'd buy a case a payday.

    Once prices get realistic, a I see a nice .308 in my future

    Last edited: Feb 3, 2013
  11. countsk


    Sep 29, 2009
    Dicks is 5 minutes from my house and I will never step foot in that place again. Cabelas is about an hour and 30 minutes and I'll gladly make the drive.
  12. Dick's is literally four blocks from my house, I haven't been in the store in five years.
  13. glockin-45


    Feb 24, 2009
    North Carolina
    Our walmart in town got in a Colt 6920. I freaked out, because i didn't expect them to get any more in. And they only received the one. I was po'd that i did not have my credit card on me. ( i do that when i know i should'nt buy anything) It sold in about 10 min. For $1097.00.:crying:
  14. chewybaca67


    Apr 26, 2006
    New Mexico
    Believe me brother, I don't want to part with it, but I simply need the cash. Still have my Marlin stainless 44mag lever gun. Invest in reloading stuff now mon. I started by just saving all my brass after each shooting session (usually in my mom's corral during weekends while in college as an undergrad), then got a single stage press, reloading book, scale, then powder thrower, then a couple of dies. Just little bits at a time. You don't need to get everything at once. Just start-startin' and you be set before you know it.
  15. 4 glocks

    4 glocks

    Jun 29, 2010

    I have never though of Dick's as much of a gun store. Maybe if you need running shoes or a backpack. Dick's have always been a joke as a gun store.
  16. boomhower


    Feb 14, 2010
    North Carolina
    It's starting to settle down. Credit card bills are starting to roll in and buyers remorse is setting in.
  17. Jbehredt


    Dec 14, 2012
    Westminster , CO
    Bought a brand new DPMS 308 for msrp, $1199, Saturday morning. Had to wait a week, and drive a bit, for it but I think the madness is about over. Can't wait to see what hits the classifieds. Dying to offer some people just below msrp rifles they paid double or triple for a few months earlier. And never fired.
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2013
  18. SJ 40

    SJ 40

    Jan 17, 2011
    Dicks.Dicks may as well be out of business,because as far as I'm concerned they are. SJ 40
  19. Glock_Convert


    Aug 26, 2012
    +1 on a nice 308 soon :)

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  20. sappy13


    Sep 30, 2007
    Bremen, GA
    I bought a used le trade in 6721 for 1k and sold a oly to fund it And just enough extra to cover its new magpul furniture. Now I'm really thinking about selling it for what IV got in it and waiting till Wally world has new colts in stock again. lEither that or till true buyers remorse and credit card bills come in. I don't see the ban coming so I think I may go without one for a while

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    Last edited: Feb 3, 2013