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Discussion in 'Midwest Glockers' started by joegunn308, Jan 2, 2008.

  1. joegunn308

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    Welcome aboard KS Glocker!

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  2. scottMO

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    Bret at B&R guns can order/transfer anything in.

    I normally shoot indoors at Crossfire.

    I would also like to brag on a "Defensive Pistol" class I just took this past weekend. For thos of you in the KC area, it is well worth the 75.00 for 1.5 days of shooting/instruction including night shooting. It was just south of Ottawa KS.

    It's just easier to read abt it here:


  3. I'm in Smithville, by the lake.
  4. midtown, between st line and wardpkwy. right next to prarie villiage and mission hills
  5. Anyone in the KC area should try US Gun Specialties in Gladstone, MO. It is a great gun shop, people are really nice, and there prices are usually 20-50 cheaper than Show Me shooters, Bob's Gun rack, etc. Ammo prices are great too. they are carrying alot of reloading equiptment too. I think they are putting a shooting range in at the new store in Gladstone. Just a heads up, or a shameless plug, I bought a Smith 638 from them and it was 35 bucks cheaper than anyone in town..
  6. Blue Springs, MO
  7. Louisburg, KS here!
  8. wayno

    Blue Springs, mo.
  9. Olathe area, welcome.

    Also, is there any place to do some rifle shooting around here? I'm itching to pick up a new long-gun but I'm afraid I won't be able to use it.
  10. Independence, Mo

    I usually shoot at Show Me Shooters or at the new Bass Pro.

    I'd like to find an outdoor range thats open and free, no range master or anything. Anyone know of one like that around here?
  11. wayno

    I guy told me of one down south someplace but have not located
    yet. He lives in Peculiar so is between there and Clinton. If you
    find out anything let me know.
  12. Another Olathe Glocker here. New to Glocks. New to GT. Have a 30 day old G19 that I love!!! Wouldn't trade it for nothing. They seem to be like tatoos-when you get one, you have a burning sensation to get another....and another....and another etc.
  13. Olathe. I own a G26 and a G19. I only got the 19 on Sunday last. Yes they are an illness to which I will be glad to find NO cure.( who's looking?)
    As for the rifle shooting. There is a range somewhere in Parkville, MO called Parma Woods. Also a member on the site mentioned Mill Creek Gun Club around De Soto, KS.

    Are any of you also members of the above mentioned forum?
  14. I am in Liberty new to GT and have a 27 Love IT
  15. pdog

    Cameron, 50 north of KC. I am in Kosovo ending my 1 year contract mission June 22, United Nations Special Operations. Was in Iraq as a private contractor Jan. 06-07. Looking forward to shooting in the states at paper targets for a change. Best deals I have found, KC area, Jefferson City, and Columbia is Deans Gun Shop in St. Joseph. If you go to the gun shows in KC, he has a big display of everything. I have an FFL and he doesn't mark guns up much as the others do.
  16. GCPD724

    GCPD724 NRA Member

    Overland Park
  17. fastymes

    fastymes In the fastlane

    New blogger; here in Lawrence. Try Cedar Hill Gun Club in Baldwin- nice outdoor facility & owners are great people. If you're ever in Lake of the Ozarks, try Pistols Plus on 54 Hwy- super clean, indoor range.
  18. Merriam,KS for me

    Try this place,kinda pricey. Also price means that dumb people can't afford to go, makes me feel a little better. Never been myself but have heard good things.
  19. Merriam,KS for me
    Try this place,kinda pricey. Also price means that dumb people can't afford to go, makes me feel a little better. Never been myself but have heard good things.

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