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Armscor 180gr FMJ and Win 175 ST report

Discussion in '10mm Reloading Forum' started by RDub01, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. pasky2112

    pasky2112 Senior Member

    Aug 2, 2012
    Brevard, FL
    Cool. One detail nags me, though. Any explanation as to why your scale weighs in 1.1g heavy on both bullets? Not that I've been reloading since Sam Colt was born, but in the time I have, I've noticed maybe a .1g (+/-) delta on jacketed bullets. e.g. my 180g JHP's weigh 179.9g 99.9% of the time. Just curious if your scale needs attn or not.

    - Dave

  2. RDub01


    Aug 5, 2012
    So Oregon

    It's just a coincidence.. I keep this scale calibrated well, and I always use a check weight before weighing anything. That's just how it turned out.