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  1. I have been out of the loop for a while, but I seem to remember New Mexico cancelling reciprocity for CCW permits with several states, or at least threatening to do so. I am currently holding an Arizona resident CCW permit and intend to travel to New Mexico soon. I looked at today and it looks like all is flowers and roses both ways between AZ/NM with no problems.

    Can anyone direct me to a link about what the heck went on in New Mexico with reciprocity lately, and if the site is up to speed. May have to put in a call to the NM AG just to be safe, but wanted "the rest of the story" if anyone here knows it...
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  4. Thanks BOM.

    Sometimes its not as bad as it seems...
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    No problem.

    A few months back someone in the CHL department got a wild hair and basically said "no reciprocity" completely out of the blue. That statement did not go over well with the gun carrying public in NM. The statements were redacted less than 3 hours after being made, to the tune of (what I imagine to be) several thousand phone calls to the CHL office. When I called to clarify the original statement the lady that answered my call sounded completely exhausted.

    Suffice it to say you'll be fine. Enjoy your trip.

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