Are there any "fake" Glock in the market?

Discussion in 'Band of Glockers' started by casterbal, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. Fake Glock ba yan sir?! sa "trigger" pa lng halata na LOL ..Im sure hindi yan sa 'pinas kc parang kamay ng puti ang humahawak. =))

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  2. parang banned ata sa glock austria pinas kaya puro glock us dumadating dito sa atin
    here in bicol gen4 glock nakikita ko sa mga gunstore

  3. Hahaha natawa ako sa 1911 Glock, pero peke yan! Kasi hindi "safe action" trigger :rofl:

    Parang di naman yata Gen 4 yung USA made na Glock ni Trust Trade but I can be wrong. Kung malaki siguro yung spring guide rod at two stage spring if you disassemble.
  4. jprj

    Tama ka, Gen 3 or RTF lang available kay Trust Trade.
  5. Saan po sa bicol sir? taga bikol din po ako.. =)
  6. According to Mr. Google, eto ung obvious difference between Gen 3 and Gen 4

    1. Dual Recoil Spring Assembly
    2. Rough Texture Frame
    3. Modular Backstrap system
    4. Enlarged Reversible Magazine Catch

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  7. I actually like the Gen4 recoil spring assembly, which is the same as the G26 recoil system. Looks very robust
  8. There are no "pirated" Glocks, yet. But there was a clear attempt to copy the same for the most part, the S&W Sigma. I got an American Handgunner article that shows the Glock and Sigma receivers side by side, they looked almost identical.

    It will only be a matter of time before an "illegit" Glock comes out, and we all know who will do it.
  9. They will likely not call it Glock. Maybe something catchy, like Block....;-)
  10. Glock gen 4 is available na sa pinas pero limited only.

    check with Guntech InterArms kung meron pang stock ng G17,19,26 G4 if you want one...

    Espinelli was also selling G17,19,26,22,23,27 gen4 last gunshow

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