Are HK's Really Superior?

Discussion in 'Heckler & Koch Forum' started by ColCol, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. 26,000 rounds through the HK45 without a stoppage and it had only been cleaned THREE TIMES!

    Interestingly, as good as the HK45 is Todd Green still prefers the P30 overall for ergonomics, CCW, and firepower. Two fantastic pistols.

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  2. zgar


    Agree have HK P30 and Glock 23 Better made for me HK

  3. people who complain about the triggers on hk but do not take the time to learn the system are missing out. they are combat triggers but there are enough variants to make them accommodating to most shooters.

    the lem is great and the hybrid match lem from the combat competition is one of the sweetest triggers out there.


    my usp9sdcc and my sa pro are the go to guns. the glock just sits.
  4. Agreed,
  5. MrMurphy

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    HKs are good, but they're not "THE BEST".

    HK, like Glock has issues with German superiority complex, i.e we know better than you do what YOU want.

    When Larry Vickers tells you to build a pistol a certain way (and you asked him for massive amounts of advice on the subject) and then you do what he told you not to...... well.... dumb.

    There were changes made to the P30 that he didn't tell them to put in from what I remember, that have had to post-production be changed back by those who know what's up.

    Glock would have had the Gen 4 pistols out years before if they'd listened to Glock USA, they knew they needed change when the P99 came out.
  6. boyscout399

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    If you read the Everyday Tactical interview with Larry Vickers, you will find that he worked on the HK416 and the HK45 full size and compact. Mr. Vickers did not work on the P30. The only things HK did that Vickers did not approve of was putting the P30 style grip texture on the HK45 full size, and putting the trigger trough in the trigger guard to prevent gloves from being caught.
  7. deeHKman

    deeHKman "It Is Written"

    Agreed!! Plus the Design of the grip geometry on the P30 had Karl Nill involved. The side panel's and back strap are amazing you can really get a custom fit to your hand.

    Glock's is more of a gimmick in the gen.4's compared to the Quality of HK's. I have a HK45 and i'm happy HK went with it as it is. Plus my HK45c i also like it as it is...

    So Larry Vicker's, Ken Hackathorn and Karl Nill in the latest HK's. HK went first class all the way.

    No cheap short cut's like tyring the same RSA in 9mm's and .40 just non-sense as this is hurting Glock as the extractor's lately! Remnd's me of Sig.'s fall...:whistling:
  8. boyscout399

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    At first, Vickers hated the grip on the HK45, but he has since come to love it. He still hates the trough and suggests removing it.
  9. MrMurphy

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    My mistake, i was thinking of the HK45, not the P30.

    Didn't know Nill was involved with the P30, but even with the funky grip look, it 'is' comfortable on the one i've shot.
  10. HK makes the best non striker fired pistols imho,with Beretta and FN right behind them,as well as Sigs 2022pro. i think the best striker pistol crown is shared by Glock,S&W,Walther,Steyr and Caracal in no particular order. i think the new FNS will prove to be in that group shortly as well
  11. zgar

    I own a glock 23 gen 4 and a H&K P30, H&K by far my Favorite of all my guns!
  12. Please dont just think! They simply do so period.

  13. P7 was a very nice well designed in size wise. Had an amazing accuracy to it.
    BUT Yes there is a but which I dont like the gun was poorly designed in regards to the gas retardation system which escapes in the frame of the firearm at which upon rapid fire after 3 mags fill the gun gets so HOT it can not be held.
    Mean while a Glock 26 can easily go through over 10 mags of 33 rounds without any heating to the the cappacity it can simply contiually be held and continuousely fired.
    That is what makes the P7 a poorly designed firearm.

  14. mrsurfboard

    mrsurfboard The Anti-Glock

    Post this in General Glocking and watch all the fan boys claim the H&K is over priced junk while their Gen 4 9mm, that Glock still can't seem to get right, is perfect.

    I own 2 H&Ks and they, especially my 45c, are the best polymer guns I have.
  15. poorly designed? one of the most accurate and ergonomic pistols ever made with an ingenious, very safe manual of arms? as far as heat buildup the gun will run fine through a 100rd LE pistol qual and serve you well through the average shootout; distance of 7yds or less, average of 4 shots fired, 4 or less participants. use the tool in the context that it was designed for. a no compromise defensive handgun, not a range blaster.
  16. I already had the two of them one being the PSP and after even the P7M8 with a polymer wrapped triggerguard that done nothing at all to keep the gun cool.
    As for accuracy yes obsolutely as for safety through its cocking mechanism yes BUT as for practicality I wouldnt never ever want another one there are very poorly designed if a glock 26 can easily shoot off more then 10 - 33rd. Magazines and you can still safely handle the weapon why would anyone be silly enough to want an HKP7M8, PSP, HKP7M13, or even the HKP7M10, better question why is it no longer available think about that, it was only out for not even 25 years walther PP, PPK, PPKS have been out for more then almost 100 years and are still available. think before speaking please, have a very nice day.


  17. If I need to shoot 10 33rd mags, then I need a rifle!

    How about the high cost to produce to answer why they are not still made!

    Maybe you need to think before speaking! (and research)

    And a P2000SK would be the far better comparison to the g26. And a far better gun imo!
  18. I think HK's are the best right now.

    I have a feeling, after shooting Dave Sevigny's pistol a couple weeks ago, that FN will soon give them a run for the money.

    Best striker fired trigger I have ever felt and it was factory. It had been shot about 5k times.
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  19. Yes I too also completely agree the P2000SK is better nicer and by far superior BUT how many can afford to spend $150.00 per 30 rd magazine when the glocks for a 33 rd cost under $50.00.
    Dont get me wrong I completely love and adore moost of the HK's with only the exception of the P7.s due to there poorly designed gas retardation system why else would HK look to discontinue them they didnt want to get sued for burned hands, LOL.

    Again HK is by far the finest weapons in the world undeniably JUST not the p7.

    Additionally its so very sad to always rethink silly answers like to expensive to manufacture funny it is not to expensive for S&W , CZ, Sig Sauer, and even Colt not to mention Kimber all made of solid steel but there not to expensive to built please kindly and respectfully come out of y0our shell.

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  20. deeHKman

    deeHKman "It Is Written"

    I don't have a PPQ Yet but i hear it's trigger is superb. Have you shot or tried a PPQ? Around me in the Upstate there are no PPQ's to try. FN neither...

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