Are HK's Really Superior?

Discussion in 'Heckler & Koch Forum' started by ColCol, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. Yep. Agree with Barth.

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  2. they have no reason to. It would cost money in at least R&D and probably in mfg too. Since they sell all they can build, what enticement do they have? And remember afterall, they are "Perfect" already.

  3. They are so perfect with perfection, that their is an entire industry dedicated to make perfection more perfect, or would it be perfecter?
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  4. JTSmith

    JTSmith Œgfdrïńëçł

    Did you just go full retard?
  5. birda40

    birda40 Woody

    You guys crack me up.:rofl:
  6. After reading all these posts it seems apparent that it is quite the “pot calling the kettle black” with HK owners referring to Kool-Aid and Glock owners. I guess you guys need to justify to yourselves the reason for coughing up $1,000 for your gun. I don’t really like the “fanboy” comments myself. I assume we are all shooters, hunters, and sportsmen, not a bunch of Bieber fans.

    I have an H&K USP 40 myself. I have shot it a fair amount and all I can say is that it shoots well, goes bang every time, etc. Isn’t that what we say about Glocks? My Glocks do! Also, there was no way I would have given big bucks for this H&K. I stumbled onto this like new USP 40 for about $550 some years back. I had a USP 45 before this one. I think that was a midnight bargain on Gunbroker for about $500 or so as well. That gun was huge. It looked like a black 2x4 with a grip on it when I aimed it.

    The only reason I bought an H&K in the first place was because of a friendship I had about twenty+ years ago with an H&K freak. This guy couldn’t afford his hobby, but had some pretty fun toys. I got to shoot his MP5 and I guess fell for his “Kool-Aid” talk about H&K’s. But looking back he was just a kid, probably twenty-five or so. This guy would spend his kid’s milk money on gun stuff—what a child himself.

    Anyway, my answer to the OP is no, they are not superior. Is it a good gun? Yes. Is it superior to Glock? —I don’t think so. I have my Glocks because they work. I shoot them well. They are simple---so simple that there are thirty-three parts. I tried to count the part numbers on this H&K schematic and quit counting when I figured there are three times the parts moving around in there. Actually, after looking at these schematics I may just sell this high dollar “Beemer”. I can’t believe I haven’t broken the flimsy de-cocker off if it myself as a previous poster mentioned.

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  8. Couldn't agree more! H&K was greatness for a long time and still are very good. But, they never change or up the bar. The walther ppq is in my opinion the best polymer semi ever made! U guys wanna feel a pistol with the BEST ergo's and an absolutely great trigger? Get ur paws in one. I really like most of the pistols talked about on this thread. However, the bar has been raised.... Thank u walther!

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  9. I have quite a few, but this is my favorite pistol:

  10. But FWIW, my second favorite probably is my G20SF, but partly because I have a 6" KKM barrel and aftermarket rod/spring and adjustable night sights, and it's basically a 16-shot .41 Mag without the recoil.

    My G27 might be my favorite all-around compromise gun in terms of weight, size, power, and capacity.

    But that USP Expert is a work of art--though I know it's not a standard service auto. No one can complain about that trigger. The only other guns I have that seem to be made as well are maybe a couple Weatherby Mark Vs and a Freedom Arms PG M83 in .454.
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  11. Just to show how handsome it is even compared to my standard USP:


  12. I found one locally the other day for a great price. I came back a couple of days later to get it, and a guy was just walking out the door with it in hand. Ya snooze ya lose, so they say.
  13. Marshall Dillon

    Marshall Dillon Make mine a 9mm

    I own both HK and Glock pistols...several of each. I've shot thousands of rounds through each brand. I would have to say the HK pistols I've owned are more accurate than the Glock pistols I've owned. However, the slight increase in accuracy isn't enough to prohibit me from carrying a Glock. I own more Glocks than HK pistols and absolutely love them. I've carried one particular Gen-2 G19 off and on for the last 20 years. However, for the last several years my carry gun has been an HK P30 and I don't plan on changing anytime soon. If I ever went back to a Glock, it would be to the G19.
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  14. barth

    barth six barrels

    I've got a gen 3 G27 and five HKs.
    Fourteen handguns total.
    My G27 is a fine weapon that I carrried for some time.
    For the money Glocks are hard to beat.

    But I really do think HKs are worth every penny they cost.
    And my HK P2000SK 40 Light LEM has replaced my tricked out Glock G27.

    It's just a better firearm.
    And I deserve the best!
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  15. Lol. That's funny. And so true.
  16. No, but sigs are:tongueout:
  17. Haha. I didn't know we were tellin jokes on here too. I have one.... A 1911 a glock, and a revolver walked into a bar.............

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  18. I have owned several of both. I'm no sort of operator, but I don't believe that HK pistols are superior to any glock. Both have been reliable, both accurate, both durable. From a performance standpoint, my USP .40 and USP .45 were hardly worth twice as much as my glocks. Just my opinion.

    Are they fine pieces of engineering? Of course. They are elegant, quality, and aesthetically pleasing firearms, but my glocks do just as good a a job as my HKs for half the price. Any real firearms guy can put the brand bravado aside and see that.

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  19. barth

    barth six barrels

    My P2000SK 40, in my hands, is more accurate,
    has less felt recoil and is more reliable than my gen 3 G27.
    No bravado. Just reality.

    (I've had a few hard primers that fired with a second strike)

    Even "real firearms guys" may not have the same experiences.
    Or see things the same way.
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