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Are Glock-haters the firearms community's hipsters?

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by LawScholar, Feb 1, 2013.

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  1. LawScholar


    Aug 23, 2011
    First of all, I'd like to say that I don't own a Glock (though I would like to) and I don't have any particular stake in the company. I am not posting this as a fanboy.

    We all have friends or acquaintances in the world who dislike things the moment they become popular. Whether it's the friend that loved the excellent Mumford and Sons before they started winning awards, and now says they're just "not the same", or the guy who considers it "selling out" when his favorite hometown restaurant opens a second location, or the guy who says an actor "lost his touch" once he started appearing in non-indie films, the world seems full of the guys that just love to hate what everyone else loves.

    Now, disliking Glock is fine and normal. Diversity of opinion is a good thing for consumers. There are lots of pistols I dislike. Springfield Armory's XD/XDMs feel awful and top-heavy in my hand, and the striker retainer pin should probably be replaced with an aftermarket if you're going to dry-fire. However, tens of thousands of users love the XD/XDM pistols and have shown them to be reliable workhorses. Thus, I do not HATE XD/XDMs, and I do not make broad, sweeping claims about their lack of quality, because that's simply not true. When a friend needed his XD serviced and maintained, I did it happily. It's a good gun, just not for me.

    The Glock-hate community, by contrast, has many members that are fans of making some of the most absurd, fallacious arguments I have seen. Gaston supports Nazism, they cry...ignoring Beretta's ties to Mussolini-controlled Italy, Smith & Wesson's and Ruger's weak moments in the past when confronting gun control issues, CZ's former Communist-run production, and Taurus's production in an anti-gun country...

    I could go on, but won't. The fact is, all of those are silly reasons to attack a gun brand (besides, if I wanted to go after Taurus, I'd have a lot of other ammo). However, many Glock haters attach the allegedly impure views of Gaston to the pistols themselves.

    Next, the grip angle. Oh, how they cry to the heavens about the grip angle! "It feels like wild boars mauling my hand!" they say. "It feels like I'll never shoot again!"

    But, again, like my issues with Springfield, that's a personal taste issue. It doesn't explain the myriad comments that Glocks are "junk" and "what people who don't know about guns buy". So, why can't they just dislike the gun personally and leave the invective in the schoolyard?

    Then there are the KA-BOOM threads. "GLOCK KA-BOOM" the titles display gleefully, keeping for the fine print that the firearm was used with dangerously overloaded Bubba ammo and lead reloads and was never cleaned. Other pistols that explode just as often under the same conditions don't get noticed. Glocks are machines, and it seems to delight their detractors that just like any machine, if you push it beyond what it clearly says in the manual that it is made for, it'll break. Use a chainsaw to break cement blocks and you'll have a sad day.

    Glock's ownership raises no more eyebrows than many other gun companies. Their grip angle, uncomfortable to many, is perfect to many more. The ka-booms are present in other pistol brands, and happen almost never in a well-maintained gun using factory ammunition or quality reloads. Finally, their incredibly widespread and heavy use makes a liar out of those who would call them "tupperware" or "junk". The list of pistols that can be run as hard as a Glock is a relatively short one (though growing longer as companies - notably Smith & Wesson - aggressively prosecute Glock's market space and pay better attention to market demands).

    Glock isn't perfect. The Gen 4 pistols were a fiasco at first, their ejection and extraction issues along with the underwhelming backstraps overshadowing the great new features like the oversized mag release and the wonderful improvement on the texture, and the company's comical insistence on failing to address the single-stack and carbine markets has become a joke. Still, they're popular, tough, relatively affordable, fit most hands comfortably, and come in a wider array of sizes and calibers than any other line by a major manufacturer. And it's not like other brands haven't had their stinkers - Beretta (my favorite brand) had the 9000. Smith had the Sigma. Some of Ruger's most amazing guns have sputtered and farted in the early stages.

    So, are the ones who insist on not disliking - disliking is normal - but actually hating the brand just the firearms community's version of the guy who ironically wears a Powerpuff Girls T-shirt, refuses to drink Starbucks (they're all corporate now, he says with a knowing nod) and insists that you haven't heard of his favorite band?

    The guy who just can't like what everyone else does, and can't admit that his reasons aren't logical?
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  2. janice6

    janice6 Silver Member

    Apr 4, 2006
    No different than car brands.

    Whatever I have is what you should have, cause mine is better.

    No logic necessary in opinions.

  3. I believe you're onto something here! Unfortunately, there are many people out there that hate on them, but have never shot one! I guess they would fall into the firearm hipster category, along with a few other varieties of haters I've come across. Got my first glock six hours ago, and it won't be my last!
  4. ilgunguygt

    ilgunguygt Enslaved in IL

    Its the same with glock fan boys who hate on 1911s. If I had a dollar everytime one of them said "1911s are NEVER reliable and take tons of money to make a brand new one work!" Ignorance is the same all over, its just a different brand.
  5. BUICKSPEC6231


    Dec 31, 2012
    I enjoyed reading this.
  6. LawScholar


    Aug 23, 2011
    Oh, certainly, I agree with that. Hate is not limited to Glocks, and I'd say Glocks and 1911s are the most common victims.

    And, just like the Glock - moreso, in fact, speaking in terms of raw years of use - the 1911 quietly disproves detractors with a pedigree other pistols dream about

    Thanks man. :)
  7. VinnieG


    Dec 18, 2012
    IMO, most people that hate glocks either don't like the angle of the grip(personal choice), have had a bad experience with a bad one or don't know how to properly press a trigger.
    IMO it is easier to shoot a high end 1911 accurately than a glock because of the lighter and crisper trigger. But if you press a glock trigger properly (this goes for most striker or double action pistols) they are very accurate.
    Some will say that "if I have to change the way I shoot and learn to pull a trigger they are junk". The fact being, when they jerk the trigger it is just more noticeable when the trigger press is a lil longer and heavier.
    I'm not knocking 1911s either. I own several and love em
  8. I have a friend who has a 1911, and when I first mentioned that I was considering a Glock (NOTE: I now have one), he said "I would never have a plastic gun...and it has NO SAFETY!"

    He also has acquired a number of revolvers and a competition .22...the 1911 is the "same gun" he had in the Army.

    IMO, he's evolving into a "collector" rather than a shooter. I have not been in the Army, and I am not in love with any model/make of gun, and don't really intend to collect 5-6 different ones to gaze and caress. I know there are those who do just that, and that's fine.

    I wanted a reliable, simple, and widely-used (i.e., developed over time and used by lots of LEO, military, etc.) firearm that I could learn to shoot well for enjoyment, and for HD/SD.

    Glock 19 Gen 3 for me...I'm happy with mine, he's happy with his. Does he hate a Glock? Maybe...I don't really care. He drives a Ford, I drive a Nissan. I hate Fords.

    My $0.02...
  9. RichardB

    RichardB Silver Member

    Jul 29, 2007
    None of us are competent to know the real reasons for others feelings. If they are owners and shooters of other guns just treat them like relatives. Even when they are jerks, they are still our brothers and sisters.

    For me the Glock trigger was a pain. If I used the Glock School answer of pressing with the finger tip, the bullets hit toward the weak side. Read Mas's advice and used the first joint and hit were more centered. My hand, my results but wasted much ammo learning how to use the Glock tool.
  10. Lowjiber


    Jan 26, 2012
    Las Vegas
    I'm a big fan of 1911's and have several. However, I was very lucky with my first Glock regarding the trigger. I was at the range and the range safety officer (a friend) came over and demonstrated what I was doing wrong. Made my "learning curve" much shorter.

    Now, four Glocks later, I'm able to pass his instruction along to other Glock newbies.
  11. TTex

    TTex Cannon Fodder

    Jul 12, 2011
    To me it seems people nowadays do not think for themselves. Either you are Democrat or Republican, and you can't support any part of the other side. Seems the same with firearms brands/models, either you'er a 1911 guy and wont buy that crappy plastic piece of junk Glock, or you'er a Glock guy and nothing Gaston puts out has ever had a problem "It is perfection". It's almost a mob mentality and I think its the chief reason congress cant get anything done. Sometimes I wish people would take a good look at both sides of any debate and just think for themselves. It seems there are always some valid points on both sides if you ask me.
  12. HauntedAlabama


    Jan 25, 2007
    I think some of the hate for Glocks comes from the kool aide drinking Glock fans. The ones that bought a Gen 4 9mm and felt getting hit in face with flying brass was ok because it was a Glock, the ones that argued with people that posted their G30sf failed to return to battery, etc. Reading some of the fanboy comments on here turn me off to Glocks and I own a few. Personally I have owned a couple of Glocks that had issues but I didn't turn against Glock. Some people just buy into "perfection" just a tad too much so the haters rip on those types just to enjoy the ruckus.
  13. Jeffrey Lebowski

    Jeffrey Lebowski Not a golfer

    Jan 27, 2013
    Glock and 1911 are at the top of the market-share food chain. Nobody guns for the bottom. $0.02

    (I like both, FWIW).
  14. MarkCO

    MarkCO Millennium Member CLM

    Dec 21, 1998
    Not General Glocking. If you want to discuss people preferences or hates, there are sub forums for that.
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