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AR15/M16 Operator's Diagnostic Course March 17th/18th 2007

Discussion in 'Glockers of the Old Dominion' started by SocomCen, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. SocomCen

    SocomCen Millennium Member

    Jul 29, 1999
    WHAT: Dean Caputo AR15/M16 Operator's Diagnostic Course
    WHEN: 17-18 March 2007, (Saturday and Sunday)
    WHERE: Quantico Shooting Club, Marine Corps Base Quantico, VA
    COST: $250
    REGISTRATION: To register, or for more information on this course, visit the QSC website
    Payment in full to QSC, Inc, Box 212, Quantico, VA 22134

    Dean Caputo, Colt Factory Authorized Armorer Instructor, designed this 2 day course for the operator/shooter of the M16/AR15 (type) weapon system. This is NOT an armorers course. It is designed to help prevent problems before they become armorer problems. Most problems with the AR system do not need an armorers attention if you understand the system and know a few things.

    This class will enable you to completely understand how to keep this weapon system up and running. He will cover all variants within the family of M16/AR15 (type) weapons. Upon completion of the course you will know the proper maintenance, care, and repair of this weapon system including semi-auto and select fire trigger systems.

    Pat Rogers did an excellent overview of this class in the November 2006 issue of S.W.A.T. magazine.
  2. Navy87Guy

    Navy87Guy Salty Dog

    Dec 4, 2004
    Stafford VA
    Hmmm....I'll take the class if I have my AR by then!! :tongueout:

    It looks like I picked the wrong time to get into AR shooting...rising ammo prices and back orders for lowers!! :crying:


  3. 1911SFOREVER


    Jul 9, 2003

    Just got your change of command note in the mail today!

    You can borrow one of my rifles for this course. This class will also probably give you a good idea on what it is you want to buy.

  4. Navy87Guy

    Navy87Guy Salty Dog

    Dec 4, 2004
    Stafford VA
    Hey, John -

    I was under the impression you had gone back to the Sandbox to play some more. I just got back from the Gulf last week...the AR is my post-deployment "toy". Robb is building me one -- just waiting on the lower to get here. If it looks like it's going to take longer, I may take you up on it.

    I'll email you -- I'm interested in the Pat Rogers course, too.