AR-MPR AR-15 build complete (links to HD videos)

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by UltimateReloader, Feb 11, 2011.

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    Oct 19, 2009
    [also posted in black rifle as this is about AR build and reloading]
    I'm pretty excited to have completed my AR-15 build (AR-MPR) - tomorrow is the day it gets tested for the first time! Thanks members for your tips and support.

    A pic:

    Videos and posts covering the build:
    AR-MPR: Mounting Nikon Monarch Scope and M-223 Mount
    AR-MPR – Nikon Optics Overview
    AR-MPR: Build Part 7 – Lower – Buttstock and Mating Upper Lower
    AR-MPR: Build Part 6 – Lower – Trigger Grip and Safety
    AR-MPR: Build Part 5 – Lower – Magazine Catch Bolt Catch Pivot Pin
    AR-MPR: Build Part 4 – Upper – Bolt Carrier Group and Headspace
    AR-MPR: Build Part 3 – Upper – Freefloat handguard
    AR-MPR: Build Part 2 – Upper – Barrel, Gas Block, Gas Tube
    AR-MPR: Build Part 1 – Upper – Ejection Port Cover and Forward Assist

    Videos and posts covering planning and parts:
    AR-MPR: Tool Inventory For AR-15 Build
    AR-MPR: Lower Assembly Parts List
    AR-MPR – Upper Receiver Parts List
    AR-MPR: Planning your AR-15 build
    AR-MPR: .223 Remington -vs- 5.56 NATO – What’s the skinny?
    AR-MPR: Sponsor Highlight: Brownells
    AR-MPR: Goals and Timeline
    AR-MPR AR-15 Project Kick-Off

    There will be plenty of cool reloading topics to cover, so please stay tuned! This was my first AR-15 build, so I'm pretty excited to try it out, and then move on to precision hand loading, and finally ammo mass production (will be covering RCBS rifle bullet feeder, 5-station progressives, new AR-15 dies, etc).

    Your feedback is welcome!

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    Sep 24, 2008
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    wish i could build a sexy ar in jersey but they have a list of **** you cant do!

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