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Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by glockinNC, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. If I wanted to attempt an AR build post-ban (assuming one is coming, hopefully not), what parts should I concentrate on buying now? I don't want to pay frenzy prices for a complete, but I may be willing to pay marked up prices for a few components, hopefully not many. Which would those be?

    My guess would be the lower receiver and magazines. The other parts outlawed in the '94 ban as I recall were collapsible stocks and "the shoulder thing that goes up", but not separately or am I wrong about that? Anything else?

    Thanks for the help!

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  3. There are no guarantees. Even assuming that a ban made it through the house (highly doubtful), we don't know what will be in it right now. Feinstein's bill is the one most likely to see any kind of support, and she hasn't even submitted it yet. There's no telling what changes could happen between submission and signing, either.

    Pre-ban parts (except magazines) were available during the '94 ban, it was just illegal to install them on ban-era rifles. However, this is zero indication of what could happen if (and that's a large IF) they manage to pass a new ban.

  4. This has been covered by many threads. If the last AWB is any guide, just buying a lower won't help. A complete rifle assembled post-ban would still need to be post-ban compliant. Which, BTW, isn't the end of the world. So you have to live with a fixed stock and no flash suppressor or grenade launcher or bayonet lug. Oh well!

    Problem is, this new AWB may be far more Draconian, so who knows. Buy a complete rifle if you can.
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  5. How in the world would you go about proving parts purchased pre-ban weren't assembled pre-ban? What if I have parts on the shelf today, they threaten to "ban" AR's next month, so I assemble them tomorrow, then take them apart and put them back together after the "ban"? This stuff is beyond ridiculous.

    What If I have two pre-ban rifles that I built out of various different parts? Essentially two of the same thing – maybe one has a scope and an adjustable gas block, and the other has a dot and standard block. Maybe one has a 2-stage trigger and the other a single-stage, and they have different brands of stocks. How would anyone know/why would they care if I swapped the stocks, swapped the uppers, etc?
  6. We'd know because we're watching. Put some pants on and come outside. We have some talking to do.
  7. :rofl:
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    As with pretty much all the bans, enforcing it is going to be a big problem and 99% of the people won't have any issues, but there will always be those few that get caught.

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