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Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by RustyDaleShackleford, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. RustyDaleShackleford

    RustyDaleShackleford Giblet Head

    New questions, everybody.

    I've got my rifle almost complete. I have a 16" barrel with a midlength has system. I also installed a standard A2 FSB. But I'm considering trying a free-float handguard. Since I went with an attached FSB, I know a regular 9" (since I went midlength) handguard won't fit, but what if I bought a carbine length free-float handguard? Has anyone else done this, and how do you think it'd work?

    Also, where are the points you measure from to determine the handguard length you need? Is it measured from the flat back of the FSB to the flat front edge of the upper receiver?


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  2. A 9" rail will fit with no problem. If you don't want the trouble of pulling the upper apart again to replace the barrel nut, look at the DD Omega rail.

  3. RustyDaleShackleford

    RustyDaleShackleford Giblet Head

    No problem there, I don't have a barrel nut on there. Because the handguard I bought and ended up returning was a FF, it came with a barrel nut.

    I'm assuming any FF handguard i buy's gonna have a barrel nut, right? Or if not, I'm not gonna buy one until I know it doesn't.

    You're saying a 9" FF will work on my midlength???

    And that DD is pretty dang expensive. The last FF I found was like $80 and was nice, except that it didn't fit. I feel I can get something like what I want for under $100. I can't make myself spend $250+ on just a handguard...
  4. eracer

    eracer Where's my EBT?

    I agree, which is why I've quit using crush washers altogether. When the washer puts your muzzle device 'out of time' by 350º it's impossible to 'tighten, back off' enough to crush it enough without deforming it more than sanding it ever would.

    Still, I agree that sanding a washer is a terrible idea. Shims or peel washers are far better.
  5. Gribble

    Gribble R. Shackleford

  6. RustyDaleShackleford

    RustyDaleShackleford Giblet Head

  7. if you don't currently have a barrel nut, then you should look at some of the other rails, not the DD Omega. DD's Omega X, and Lite Rail use their own barrel nuts, and will come with them. Same for the Troy TRX and TRX Extreme.

    As for cost - you absolutely get what you pay for. I've used cheap rails, and good rails. The good ones are worth every freaking penny. If you want something cheaper than DD, but still good quality, look at the Troy TRX Standard. The 9" should fit behind your FSB with no problem, but you'll have to remove the FSB from the barrel and reattach it to install the rail. You may also need to remove the handguard cap, but that can easily be done while the FSB is off.

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