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Apple Dell Biotch Gap?

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by Wulfenite, Jul 22, 2007.

  1. Wulfenite

    Wulfenite The King

    I'm fixing to get a new lap top. I had been considering making the break from MS PC's to either one of the Dell Untubu machines or an Apple. Reading up on the linux Dells, it seems that that's just in the expiermental stage which is a big minus in my book. Perhaps a fatal flaw minus factor.

    So I've been reading up on the Apples. The Macbook Pro's are beyond my budget, so I've been particularly interested in the regular macbooks.

    In surfing around the web, there's no shortage in negative information about the mac books. In fact there's far more than for virtually any other model of computer.

    My question is this. Is this disparity real, or is it result of the nature of mac owners/buyers, and the fact that Apple puts out relative few models (2 at the present time) vs other manufacturers (dell for instance seems to have a half a dozen notebooks out right now). So, while PC based notebooks may out sell Macs, Apple may actually be puting out greater numbers of a single model, than any other manufacturer. Also, my impression is that a person using a Macbook mostlikely purchased the computer for personal use with their own money, making their own buying decision; I think they are probably more invested emotionally and financially in the product.

    Combining those two factors (1 large numbers of a single model, and 2, increased investment) do you think its reasonable to assume that a person with a bad mac book is more inclined to start up or contribute to a web site to ***** about their computer and then find enough critical mass to perpetuate the ***** fest. Cause I figure if the notebook my company provides sucks I go ***** to the IT guy, if I bought it myself, I may hunt around on the web, but I'm not going to find much company for my misery. Does any of that make any sense?

    So anyway, I'm looking at a mac book, but there's lots of stuff on line that suggests they suck. I'd also consider another Dell, but I'm lothe to send another 200 bucks to MS for Vista when I prefer XP and already own a license, and Dell wont sell me a compouter without something.

    Any suggestions.
  2. I looked as Dell. The problem with the Ubuntu loaded ones is they obly have Intel graphics. The do include the excellent Intel 3945 wifi card which is the best one for Linux. Get the Inspirion or the business version which is the same but priced vtter. Only comes in black. Get the Nvidia graphics is you are going to Linux. Get an Intel based laptop not an AMD one. The wifi card is called Intel a/b/g by Dell not the "N" next gen card and not the Dell cards.

    Ispiron 1420, 1520 or 1720. The business version is called Vostro. I chose the 15.4 inch model over the 14.1 inch because I could get a larger graphics card. I got the anti glare screen which is lowest resolution this is best for rearing with Linux running. The memory upgrade with Vostro is much cheaper than the Inspiron and they are the exact same PC's other than color. Check out the Small Business section of Dell's website. You can add Ubuntu anytime but you'll want the Nvidia graphics so 3d will work properly in Linux.

  3. Glockman67

    Glockman67 #29 Supporter

    May 20, 2003
    Arlington, VA
    Dell Small business laptops like the Vostro or Latitude lines offer the option for XP or Vista.

    The Latitude lines have better build quality and has North American based Tech Support albeit at a higher price tag.

    Oh BTW, I own a Dell Lat D630 and absolutely love it. I've made my peace that I really don't need to game on my laptop therefore don't need the high end vid card.

  4. Not just for games, in Linux a Nvidia graphics card is best for 3d video to function properly for programs such as Google Earth and other programs requiring 3d graphics. This isn't such a big problem in Windows which graphics card you choose but Nvidia is about the only one with full support in Linux.