Appendix carry G36... what holster do you use?

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by prez1967, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. Looking to change up my carry setup... What holsters do you guys use to carry your G36/19/26 etc in the appendix position?

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  2. I have used the Fist kydex clip-on for years.
  3. I carry a G19 AIWB daily. I use a CCC Shaggy, JM Custom AIWB and a JRC CDA-AIWB. Also take a look at Dark Star Gear.
  4. I just tested out a bladetech IWB kydex with pull-dot loops and it seems to work well in this position. I have the G17 model so it will work with all 3 of my Glock 9's. I have found this is the easiest way for me to conceal my Glocks-- still don't really care for having a loaded chamber pointed at my leg when sitting. I much prefer stong-side carry in a OWB holster- just alot harder to conceal.
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    I use and love the milt sparks VM2 holster for my G36. It fits perfectly and the leather is top quality.

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  6. I don't get what the rage is about appendix carry but if I did, it would be in a Ted Blocker IWB Concealment Holster.

    I have one for my Sig P228 which also works great with my G36. :)

  7. Mike, when you are built like a coat rack I can understand why appendix

    might not be for you.

    You could hide a 12 gauge under a tee shirt:wavey:

    I would have trouble hiding a slim jim.
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  8. I'm a big minimalist fan for appendix carry as I'm not of large stature. I love my MIC from GlockTech.
  9. If I did carry appendix-style, the holster would be KEVLAR! Can never be too careful.
  10. I like Remora holsters because you can easily adjust how deep in the waistband you carry to fit the circumstance. For example, driving to work, it's a lot more comfortable to have the muzzle barely bast the bottom of my belt, then shift it down for good concealment as I step out of the car.
  11. That's why I carry Glocks (in a good holster) - I'm not worried it's going to fire unless I pull the trigger.
  12. I currently use a Comp-Tac 2 O'Clock. I've tried the Archangel from Dale Fricke and the Raven ACR. The Comp-Tac is more comfortable, and the clip allows for easy on and off, yet provides sufficient stability.

  13. I'm also looking for another aiwb holster and have a question about the Fist holster linked above..... I can't see the back of the there a sweat guard? Does the back of the holster extend and cover the back of the slide? It appears from the picture that the holster doesn't protect the sights from bumps...
  14. I like the High-Noon Mr. Softy for appendix carry.
    Leather just feels better against my skin.
    The Mr. Softy has the lowest ride of any holster I have found so far. It is a straight drop with only the pistol grip sitting above my belt.

    The long kydex 'sweat guard' on the Comp-Tac 2 o'clock digs in to my stomach. I didn't like it. Additionally it rides high(er), showing more print and allowing the weight of the gun to lean away from the body. The 2 o'clock does allows for a better grip when drawing.
  15. eb07

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    Dale Fricke Archangel.
  16. Does nothing to hide the gun.
  17. although I have had one for my j-frame and 27 for some time and they have their uses, I need a holster with some kind of hook up to my belt.
  18. I'm with you on the Mr. Softy for all the same reasons. I did have to change out the clip, it was to hard to remove.
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    I carry a G17 at the 11 o'clock position with NO holster.

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