APEX Extractors

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by 153, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. DannyR

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    I have no means of making a video. Perhaps someone can video me at Masaad Ayoob's school in SC next month. I'll be using a Gen4 G19 there.

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  2. 9L0ck

    That would be great if someone could. Once again I mean no disrespect and I am not calling you out.
    Even in a good shooter like Hickcok45s gen 4 vids you can see brass bounce off his hat. He is not having any failures but the brass is still ejecting funny. Just curious to see your ejection and if it stays consistant. You may no be getting BTF but I wounder if any of yours are weak. Hope this makes sense

  3. DeMarcus

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    Here is mine:

    G19 FDE Gen3, build Apr 2012, 336 ejector & dipped MIM extractor
    1st 450 rds - 12-15 brass-to-face, 1 stovepipe & erratic weak ejection in 360 degree arc.

    I switched to the 30274 ejector & Lone Wolf extractor. I fired 300 rds more rds. There was an improvement, but not ”Perfection.” No Brass-to-face, no stovepipes, 95% of the ejection 3-5 o’clock, slightly stronger ejection (2-3ft away instead of at my feet). However, I had 5 landed on top of my head & several on my right arm.

    Last weekend, I tried the Apex extractor & spring along with the 30274 ejector. I fired 250 rds. I had no BTF & no malfunctions. Ejection was 4-5 o'clock landing 3-5 ft away. I had one case graze my right shoulder.

    I have several other Glocks including a G19 Gen2 & a 2005 G19 Gen3. None have the problem with BTF using same ammo & shooter (me).

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