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Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by 153, Oct 6, 2012.

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    They are out, and expensive...

    We had one thread about the Apex, but it was closed. Any other proud owners of this possible BTF cure have any observations.

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  3. Here's an active thread in which the Apex manufacturer is participating.


    EDIT: You will need to keep updating the page number at the end as needed.

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  4. Expensive compared to what a 450.00-500.00 Glock,if it fixes Glocks shortcomings I think 60.00 is a bargain. SJ 40
  5. I don't know. It looks promising but I'm not sure that it's a definite solution yet.
  6. 60$ is ******** over 10% of the product end user price, for a part that glock should have been providing in the first place..
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  7. I dont know about that. If you read the reviews on m4carbine it seems BTF is cured but weak ejection still exists. I can get to no BTF and weak ejection by polishing the Glock extractors.
  8. 3rdgen40

    3rdgen40 .45 fanatic

    Nothing like buying a brand new gun,then having to "fix" it.Glock "Perfection"...LOL!
  9. faawrenchbndr

    faawrenchbndr DirtyThirty fan

    Neat huh,........how is the S&W running?
  10. Glock should be shipping workable guns from the factory,no dispute.
    They aren't.
    Glock-factory OEM- MiMed extractor - cost for them to produce that part,we will most likely find out,guess 2.00.

    Apex- replacement extractor-tool steel-EDM machined,comes with SLB extractor depressor plunger and EDP spring.

    Again we will most likely find out the cost to produce ,if one understands the methods used to produce the two parts,the apex part is more costly to produce.


    EDM machining

    EDM is a more costly,precise part produced of solid steel rather than powdered metal with a plastic binder,heated.
    I know which of the two will wear better,hold up longer.
    SJ 40
  11. 3rdgen40

    3rdgen40 .45 fanatic

    Like a Swiss watch....:cool:
  12. Glock2336

    Glock2336 Senor Member

  13. According to them you should not buy that to fix BTF.
    From that link...
    "That said, Glock pistols are well engineered, so if you have one that will not function with OEM components, something is out of tolerance. The root issue should be identified, even if installing the H.R.E.D. resolves the problem."

    I don't agree. I feel the issue is nothing more than the new RSA's being too strong. Of course they sort of agree (slide velocity) if you read everything they write about their part. They just address it a different way than going to a lighter recoil spring assembly.
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  15. Glock2336

    Glock2336 Senor Member

    And to people complaining about the price, Randy Lee explains why...

    more info here:

    Disclaimer: I was one of the 11 Beta Testers of Apex's extractor but NOT an employee or paid for my testing.
  16. If he is monitoring forums then he will probably see this thread. I'd advise him to hire a tool maker so he can get things like this made when he needs them.
  17. Glock2336

    Glock2336 Senor Member


    My last post may explain it but all the extra R&D, labor, machining of additional prototypes at $100 a pop, finding willing beta testers, additional adjustments, taking time away from other projects that make them money right now, other projects, answering phones, emails, gunsmithing, watching forum posts, intructing, competing and trying to have a life makes each project a lot of work.

    Apex is comprised of 3 main people with a few recent hires as support.
  18. Glock2336

    Glock2336 Senor Member


    I'm pretty sure Randy is aware of what his company needs :whistling:
  19. I'm pretty sure you have no idea of my background. If he is paying that much to have these prototyped I would disagree. In the past I would often eat a small loss on prototype jobs for a promise that I could fixture and produce for a decent quantity run afterwards. A Glock extractor is not exactly a complicated part.

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