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Discussion in 'GT Voting Booth' started by Quiet, Nov 9, 2008.

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  3. This has happened on a few liberal webpages. Apparently they don't get the answer they expect and shut it down.
  4. ReyFufuRulesAll

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  5. obxemt

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    :rofl: I don't think there's any liberal conspiracy here.

    The article isn't available because the original post is over a year old.
  6. Glockdude1

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    AOL has always been anti-gun. AOL has not doing very well, they have lost lots of customers in the last few years.

  7. NEOH212

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    Yes, AOL just plain SUCKS! I guess this is a common trait shared amongst Liberals! I'm seeing a trend here! :rofl:
  8. AOL takes over your computer and you have to use there crap . NOT ANY MORE. :steamed:

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