Anywhere to buy 7.62x39?

Discussion in 'The Kalashnikov Klub' started by G29SFWTF, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. What do you mean ?

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  2. Um they have 7.62 in stock last time I checked...
  3. Thanks for all the links. I just bought 1000rds from Sportsmans Guide. The thing is, the 1k pack is out of stock until October 13th 2013 :faint:BUT, supposedly two 500rd packs will be available 21 Jan 2013? Not sure I understand that one but I got two 500rds and we'll see what happens. There is a nice $25 coupon code that actually worked too. Not sure if I'm supposed to post it here but a google search will find it easy. It's on the slick guns deal site also.

    So assuming the ammo comes in when it's supposed to, the total was $215.97 shipped for 1k. Not bad considering the current market.

  4. Hate to burst your bubble, but I've been a member of SPG for about ten years now. And I could tell you now, that those dates mean nothing.

    Oh, you will eventually get the ammo, if the prices do not go up. But if the prices do go up, then they'll put you on permanent back order list, until you forget, get old, or simply just give up. In the mean time, you'll see in stock ammo sold at greatly higher prices, than your backorderd item.

    There have been many threads about SPG's questionable business practices on the internet.

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  6. GlockMonk, just before the shooting in CT I had bought 1k rounds from Sportsmans Guide. It came fast and I got a good price so that the sum of my experience I had with them. I didn't know they had a reputation for backordering. If the ammo doesn't come in I'll just cancel. Hard to believe there's gonna be four years of this. Must be people out there with nothing but ammo stacked floor to ceiling.
  7. Tragedies or not, he's the top dog a-xxxx, that wants a ban. So who are we to blame for starting this panic buying? Keep- drinkin the cool-aid.
  8. [raises hand]

    I've been preaching for years

    If you enjoy shooting ammunition in a cool dry environment will last decades. Objectively, when I talk to friends who don't share my sentiment I ask "Give me any reasonable reason ammo prices will go down?" My response is generally crickets.

    If you start to see ammunition trickle in at anything in the realm of reasonable

    Imagine there is another CO/CT type shooting? It doesn't even near to be as wasteful in the number of doesn't need to be a school.

    One nut with daddy's old 12 gauge and no regard for his or anyone's else's life and scares will become reality.
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    I just scored a crate of 1260 rounds for $269 at Mills Fleet farm in Minnesota!
  11. Single boxes of 20 at 6.99 not a deal but available.
  12. Centerfiresystems had some today at 350. Per 1000
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    a bud picked up 240 rounds from my local wally world for me yesterday.

    tula, 4.97 a box.


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