anyone using WST for 9mm ???

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by cajun_chooter, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. anyone using WST for 9mm.. i would like to find a load for Precision Delta 124gr HP bullets using WST powder.. CCI small pistol primers..

    please list COL if you have a recipe for the above powder.

    with all the shortages this is the only powder i was able to get..


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  3. cajun_chooter,

    I just started testing WST with .45 ACP loads, once I finished I plan on doing some tests with 9mm loads as well. I did a search of this forum and came up with these folks who offered up their data;

    9x19 - (9mm Luger)
    Bullet Weight Powder Weight Velocity Start/Max Power Factor COL
    Hdy FMJ-FP, FM-RN, L-RN 124 WST 4.8 1025 Start 127 1.050"-1.150"
    Hdy FMJ-FP, FM-RN, L-RN 124 WST 5.0 1050 130 1.050"-1.150"
    Hdy FMJ-FP, FM-RN, L-RN 124 WST 5.2 1075 133 1.050"-1.150"
    Hdy FMJ-FP, FM-RN, L-RN 124 WST 5.4 1100 Max 136 1.050"-1.150"

    Springfield Armory XD-9 4" service pistol (9mm Luger)
    Hornady XTP 124gr jhp with WST; a good load is 4.7 grains which produces about 1140fps w/ an OAL of 1.100"
    Precision Black Bullet w/ WST; 4.7 grains of WST at 1.120"

    (4.7gr with 124gr RN Zero 1.140)**at temp 102 and the avg fps was 1103 or 136pf

    124gr MTG RN at 1.140.**I'd call a quick start as 4.4 - 4.5 gr with .1gr more in each crono set till you hit your desired pf or pressure signs

    I loaded 5.0 Gr WST with a 124 PD FMJ @ 1.150"**Very accurate and low recoil. I chronoed it and got**about 1080fps

    Hornady Fourth Edition Manual-Showing 9mm Luger - 124 grain bullet, WST Starting load 4.8-Max 5.4, 1.150"@ 1100fps

    I encourage you to continue your own search as I am sure their are more sources of load data out there.

    Good luck and be safe.

  4. shotgunred

    shotgunred reloading nut

    I use it with 124 Pd bullets.
  5. I have not loaded the PD 124gr JHP, but 4.2gr-5gr is the useful range for WST in 9mm w/ 124gr jacketed bullets. Pushing it harder often results in poor accuracy.
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  6. njl


    Hodgdon will tell you not to use WST for 9mm. If I ran out of Universal Clays, I'd load those bullets to a OAL of about 1.105" using 4.5gr WST and CCI SP. Should be good for around 1100fps.
  7. 5.0grs. WST
    124gr. bullet of your choice
    OAL - 1.150"

    Very accurate, clean burning. Approximates WWB. I use standard/mag SP primers and don't notice any significant difference in velocity or pressure.

    Sweetheart load:
    147gr. bullet, 3.8grs. WST. About 940fps depending on barrel length. If there's a better GP 9mm load I haven't run across it yet.
  8. SCmasterblaster

    Millennium Member

    I like using WST in 9x19 because a double-charge will overfill the case.
  9. SCmasterblaster,

    What kind of results did you get with 9mm &WST? Which bullet weight worked best for you?

    I want to start testing WST in 9mm in a month or so myself and could use a heads up.


    What is your opinion about WST and 380 ACP loads?

    Anyone have any thoughts - pros or con?
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  10. Yes I load 4.8 grains under a Zero 124 grain JHP.
  11. WST works very good in the .380, I load 3gr. WST under a 100gr. Berry's RNHB bullet in my LCP. Feeds great with mild recoil in the light gun.

    I've also used 5gr.WST under 124gr.fmjhp in 9mm.

    And 3.7gr WST under a 147gr.RN with good results.
  12. +1

    ideal IDPA or Uspsa loads.

    These are exactly what i load.

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