Anyone try .45 Supers in new Gen 4 21, yet?

Discussion in 'The 21 Club' started by 21Glock, Jun 22, 2012.

  1. The RSA is Gen 3. A stainless steel non-captured guide rod and a ISMI 22lb. recoil spring. The mag springs are about 3-4 yrs. old. Probably time to replace them with some Wolf extra power springs so I won't have any more FTFs on the .45 Supers.
    This is the first time this has happened with these mags, time to replace their springs.

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  2. I'll stick my nose in here also :)) .

    I use a 22# Wolff RSA in a G3 20 and have a G4 21 with stock RSA. The Wolff is considerably heavier.

    Also remember the 10mm slides are heavy. The top three heaviest Glock slides in order is the 20, 24 and 29. So the 29 slide is heavier than the 21 slide. There are aftermarket RSA's for the G4's out already. You can get heavier dual recoil springs. Love reading about the 45 Super and plan on trying it in my 21 and M&P sometime soon. The 10mm is great but I like the idea of a 230 gr. 451" projectile @ approximately 1150 FPS.

  3. CanyonMan

    CanyonMan In The Saddle

    Amen to that amigo !

    If I can get this G29 of mine sold (all parties interested PM me :supergrin: ) I am going to get 'anothe'r G21, (sold the one I had a while back) and move on with the 45super set up. Just a good LW or a KKM and a 24# ISMI spring and steel rod and 45super brass and your good to go.

    I EDC "in town" a M1911 in 45acp, but like you pard, the idea of the 230gr at 1100/1200fps will do all I need and big holes don't shrink ! haha.

    Good thread guys, I'm inspired ! haha.

    I'll keep my G20, but the 'like new' G29 needs a new home boy's ;) Please excuse me for the little "ad hints here." ;)

    Good shooting Gator.

  4. I am interested in a gen 4 g21 and also 45 super. I have also thought of getting a gen4 g20 also and get 6" barrels for both. Does anyone hunt with there 45 super? How is its accuracy? I just traded for gen3 g20 OD and got a SL 6" barrel with it. The buddy I traded went and bought a gen4 g20. I got to fell of it today and I really like the grip better then gen3. I use to own a gen3 g21 and g30 years ago. I also recently handled a gen4 g22 and it was better grip fell also then my duty weapon gen3 g22. So I am bit by the gen 4 bug and like to check out a gen4 g30 while I'm at it.
    I forgot but seem like I heard that before that the slide weights were different on g21 vs g20 but don't know why exactly unless its for better gun cycling. So do to that it may knock out my idea of getting one gun and get the other caliber and shoot both 45acp and 10mm out of it. If so I got to buy 2 guns unless I keep the 10mm I got and just get the g21. I was interested in the 45 super years ago. If I get the g21 I would like to get aftermarket barrel for that or is the 45 super standard 45acp chambering still? I thought from member long ago it was little longer casing.
    I do want to had I got use to the g21 years ago and probably get use to the g20 I got but it is a little to big for my hand and having a gen4 g21 to shoot with it might get annoying in the difference they feel like when shooting. I hate to spend the money and get two but it seems like maybe I should go that route if I sell the g20 I got now. I do like the od green frame though and its sad they don't make them anymore.
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    vaquero aleman "ah-lay-mahn"

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  6. Well, a little bump here for 2 reasons.
    1) I'm very interested if anyone has any updates, especially since I own a Gen 4 21 and am interested in knowing if anyone has had any success with shooting the .45 Super out of a stock Gen 4 21?
    2) I only need a 10mm/.45 Super a couple of times (or less) a year. Annually my father and I travel to Colorado to elk hunt and would ideally shoot a couple of mags through it to check for function then carry it hunting as a last resort type weapon. I probably could make a box of .45 Super last me forever and just shoot ACP the rest of the year.
    So does anyone know if it a Stock Gen 4 21 would shoot a box of .45 Super without any ill effects?
  7. SDGlock23

    SDGlock23 Glockoholic

    I can't answer your question, but in regards to function, there's no reason why the Gen4 wouldn't handle the .45 Super. Underwoods offers some .45 Super and says that it can be shot in the G21 but should have stiffer springs, and the Gen4 does have a stiffer spring than regular Gen3's. I would personally rather have a better supported barrel as well, but I'm not going to say it's a must because I don't know, I've only loaded .45 Super for use in my KKM barrel.
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  8. Ok SD, that sounds right. Thanks for your help.

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  9. SDGlock23

    SDGlock23 Glockoholic

    Update: Yes it works, but again I do use an aftermarket barrel. I recently replace my G21sf with a Gen4 G21.
  10. Thanks SD, sounds like It'll work fine, but want to be certain before I move on. Your saying you tried it in your Gen 4 G21?
    If so, I'm guessing the barrel won't affect reliability, just accuracy?
    I'm planning only putting a few rounds through my 21. It will only carry super rounds when bow hunting.
  11. SDGlock23

    SDGlock23 Glockoholic

    I've shot the .45 Super in my G21 Gen4, but only through the KKM barrel. The stock barrel would work I'm positive, but might be harder on brass which isn't an issue if you don't reload.
  12. Reload yes. Reload .45 Super, no.
    I'll only be carrying it a couple of weeks a year. My 21 probably won't see a whole box of .45 Supers in it's lifetime. Just while bowhunting in Colorado.
    Thank you for your help.
  13. Hey this is good info :cool:
    Do you know how much heavier a G20 slide is compared to the G21 Slide? Is it a couple ounces heavier?
  14. vaquero aleman

    vaquero aleman "ah-lay-mahn"

    On the Glock website:

    The G20 is listed as 27.69oz unloaded

    The G21 is listed as 26.46oz unloaded.

    They don't list component weight so I can only speculate about that.

    And, we have to consider that the G20 barrel is thicker than the G21 barrel so I am assuming that the G20 barrel adds something to the equation as well.

    This is my G21 factory slide with all of the components still installed but the barrel and recoil assy removed. It weighs 1lbs 3/4oz like that.

    Can someone else weigh their G20 slide and post it here?
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  15. I only have Gen 3's, still don't have a Gen 4. :crying:

    G21 - Assembled slide (no barrel or RSA) - 16.8
    G20 - Assembled slide (no barrel or RSA) - 17.7

    G21 - Barrel only - 4.0oz
    G20 - Barrel only - 4.7oz.

    My Glockmeister 22/24lb SS RSA weighs .7oz more than stock RSA.

    All weighed on a cheap postal scale so YMMV.
  16. Cool thx. Looks like the G20 slide is almost an ounce heavier. Barrel is heavier too, but it is a little thicker which make sense. Every bit helps when dealing with higher power loads. :)
  17. I'm not sure but the springs in my G4 22 are much stronger than those in my G4 21.

    Exact dimensions so they can be swapped. The 22 RSA is just shy of the length of 21 and 20 RSA. The 20 and 21 RSA's will work in the 22 however. The inner spring guide sticks out a bit but will function 100%.
  18. I'm going to try it out soon. I'll wait until I know if 20 springs are heavier, if they are I'll order the 20 RSA. If not, wish me luck! I may put some exhaust tape on inside of slide to add a bit more weight either way.

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