Anyone tried the Aguila powderless .22LR through a semi-auto

Discussion in 'Rimfire Forum' started by wvtarheel, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. I have read some stuff online saying this ammo won't cycle the bolt on a semi-auto, but other people love it.

    I'm talking about the 20 grain Aguila powderless .22LR, it works off a really hot primer.

    This weekend I plan to put some through my Sig 522, I will report back on its effectiveness in cycling the bolt....

    Anyone know anything?

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  3. They say only good in revolvers. Wo t cycle the slide on semi autos and should not be used in rifles. There is a chance it can get lodged in the barrel.

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  4. The box for the ammo says that, but I haven't seen anyone actually have that happen....

    and many people say it shoots fine.

    Which is why I was looking for anyone with any experience with it...
  5. janice6

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    Semiauto 22S. It will not cycle the action. Shoots fine but drops fast.
  6. Thanks Janice. If that is the case, maybe I will end up selling it to someone with a .22LR pistol, or buying one of my own to shoot this ammo.

  7. I really like the super Colibri ammo. I have a Henry Mini Bolt single action 22 that I shoot the stuff in. Never have had a problem with this ammo from this little rifle and it makes almost no noise. I have shot it in my Ruger Single Six with the 6" barrel and it is NOT quiet from a revolver.
  8. Ive run a few rounds of it though my Savage 64, as well as a Henry 001, and never had an issue with it getting lodged in the barrel. It definitely won't cycle the action on the Savage, but it is absurdly quiet in the Henry.

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