Anyone Sell Reloads?

Discussion in 'Carolina Glockers' started by kma1005, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. Anyone in the area sell reloads? I'd love to buy a couple of thousand rounds off of someone, I'd even collect all the brass (as best I could of course) and give it back. 9mm FMJ, not sure the lowest grain, but as long it can make it down range and through some paper :)

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  2. Right now I believe that ****s has a sale on Remington that is real close to what you'd end up paying for reloads. Plus you can save the brass for future reloading. ****s is charging $6.98 per box of 50 and after tax that is about 15 cents per round. The cost of bullets and powder have gone ape so this isn't a bad price for new rounds. Good luck.

  3. Wally World still has the Winchester 100 round packs for $12 plus tax ...... at least down here ....
  4. Best buy all you can get your hands on at that price. The WW here is over 14 and talking over 16 in a week or so.
  5. If you are asking if somebody is just selling reloads on the side, I doubt you will find anyone admitting to it. It is illegal.
  6. Just called ****'s and Wally World to get some local (Raleigh NC) pricing on 9mm. ****'s Remington is $7.98 per 50 (this IS case quantity discount, was $6.98/50 last week with case discount) and Wal Mart is $15.72/100 for Wichester White Box. Anywho, thought I'd save some folks some driving around town. I guess I'm gonna start shooting that old .22 more often....:sad:
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    Thanks for the info KO. That means, I'm going to ****'s tomorrow before it goes up anymore. A man just can't have too much 9mm around:animlol:

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