Anyone received their approved paperwork recently?

Discussion in 'Free Fire Zone' started by DARKSHADOW, Feb 11, 2014.


    DARKSHADOW My Work Hobby

    I just wanted to see if anyone has gotten their new suppressors lately, and what your turn around time was?

    I personaly have just reached the 6 month mark from when my check was deposited, and still waiting.


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  3. JBnTX

    JBnTX Texas

    I called last week to check on mine and was told 9 months, which will be in April 2014.

    A Bower's CAC 45 suppressor for my MAC-10.


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  4. 1-2man

    1-2man Part Time

    I know a couple people that just received theirs the past couple weeks and it took just about 9 months. I'm hearing the people using e-file are getting them within 90 days (but don't know of any personally but that's how I'll be filing it next week.)
  5. DanaT

    DanaT Pharaoh

    E file for me is right at 90 days and nothing. May even be over 90 days.
  6. I bought a call in Dec of 2012. It was approved in Dec of 2013. Dealer got the paperwork from them the first week of Feb 2014.

    Dealer said they are running close to a year.

    DARKSHADOW My Work Hobby

    Well shoot, got a letter yesterday telling me there were two mistake's on my form 4's.

    #1. When the dealer filled out my paperwork they put my name in place of my trust name.

    #2. They forgot to put Inc. at the end of their "dealer" name.

    It's been fixed and sent back in. At least I know I'm at the top of the pile. :rollingeyes:

    My birthday is at the end of next month, and that will be the 9 month mark for my wait.
  8. I'm a couple days past 4 months on a form 1 and a form 4. The efile system is a *****show so who knows how long it'll be now.

    DARKSHADOW My Work Hobby

    Woot Woot!!! :dancingbanana:

    Got the call yesterday that my paperwork came in approved, and picked up my Silencer Co. 5.56 Saker today.

    :rock: :music: :rock:
  10. Got my Form 1 in yesterday 5/22/14. Everything was sent out 8/9/13. Got it back for a correction on 5/3/14 then mailed out again on 5/5/14.
  11. Just got a can and a SBR stamp back last friday. Almost 5 months for efile.
  12. Hoser

    Hoser Ninja

    4.5 months for efile and 9 months for paper file.
  13. Just got my paper form 4 for suppressor last week at 2 days shy of 8 months from check cashed.

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