Anyone planning on shooting Tucson, Az next weekend?

Discussion in 'GSSF' started by 1RoundEye, Oct 20, 2013.

  1. It's normally on the smaller side, but one of the longer West Coast matches as they don't really know how or like to implement the trees.

    Last year it took me all day to get in my five divisions which typically takes around 4 hours at other matches.

    Anyone here going to join me in standing in the sun?

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  3. I was hoping to go shoot, as it's the nearest match to me. Depends on whether my car is running and if Uncle Sam has decided to pay me by then.

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  4. I plan on being there but will try to stand around in the shade.
  5. I'm thinking about it. :dunno: :whistling:

  6. yobohadi

    yobohadi Peon Trainee

    Boy, that would be a long drive just to go down there and lose to team Calguns. :tongueout: I'm gonna have to pass.

    I dare Bryan to shoot one division with only one hand though! :supergrin:
  7. I'll be there. Someone needs to round out the divisions so the Calguns guys can win the good prizes.
  8. howardbrown

    howardbrown Tacticool

    I wanted to go but working 2 jobs has me exhausted. Good luck to all that will be there.

    Go Team Calguns!!!
  9. Well, 2 thirds of Team Calguns shot today. My day was pretty good, I shot under 100 in all divisions except Subcompact due to some weird operational issues with my teammates G27. He was having no issues at all but I kept having FTF's and we are using the same ammo. I DNF'd that one. The rest went well and I think I will be competitive in AmCiv and MajSub. :dunno: My scores for the day.

    AmCiv 74.77
    Comp 97.07
    Unltd. 71.41
    HM. 94.51
    MajSub 64.42
    Sub. DNF

    My Grandson shot in the 130's too, a monster improvement from past years 305. :supergrin:

  10. Almost forgot, we got to meet and chat a bit with Brian Dover. Classy guy and just amazing to watch shoot a plate rack. :thumbsup:

  11. Thanks but I had one 4.5 second run in MS, Comp, Sub and HM that wrecked all them 2.5's. It was great to meet you and your family, also 1roundeye. Thanks to all the staff for a great match. I guess I'm getting around to much when all the RO's know me by name. Hope to be back next year.
  12. Paul53

    Paul53 Geezer Boomer

    Didn't know anybody else from El Paso was going. My first match so I wasn't worried about scores so much as getting the familiar. High point for me was when gal at station to my right was trying to clear a jam with her weapon aimed directly at me.
  13. Um, what was the RO doing? :dunno:

  14. Paul53

    Paul53 Geezer Boomer

    Her RO was watching her. Mine was waving frantically. She only did it twice...........
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  15. howardbrown

    howardbrown Tacticool

    Only twice? Hardly worth even mentioning. :tongueout:

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